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Total Score
2435 20405
Broken Courier
Complete mission "Broken Courier" in the Dreaming City.
The Oracle Engine
Complete mission "The Oracle Engine" in the Dreaming City.
Dark Monastery
Complete the mission "Dark Monastery" in the Dreaming City.
Complete missions "Broken Courier," "The Oracle Engine," and "Dark Monastery."
3 / 3
check_box Completed
Secret Triumph
A mystery that you haven't yet unraveled.
Bridge Troll
Defeat the Odynom lurking in mission "Broken Courier."
Aggro No
Defeat the Odynom lurking in mission "The Oracle Engine."
Defeat the Odynom lurking in mission "Dark Monastery."
Defeat both Mukor and Ugroth, the Soulkeepers, within 5 seconds of each other in mission "The Oracle Engine."
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