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Total Score
10861 19765
Path of the Chosen
Complete all Seasonal storyline quests.
Vendor Upgrades
Unlock all vendor upgrades.
18 / 21
18 / 21
Extreme Focus
Focus Tier 3 Umbral Engrams.
Chosen Mods
Collect all Season of the Chosen mods.
6 / 6
check_box Completed
All Battleground Missions
Complete all Battleground Missions
Proven Champions
Defeat Champions in the Battlegrounds playlist.
4 / 4
check_box Completed
Eliminate Caiatl's Cabal
Eliminate all Cabal VIPs in the strike Proving Grounds.
Graven Tales
Uncover the Dead Man's Tale.
All the Scattered Pieces
With access to the mainframe, uncover the final set of clues aboard the Glykon.
1 / 2
Salvager's Salvo Armament
Speak with Banshee-44 to begin the "Salvager's Salvo Armament" quest.
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