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Total Score
Season of the Undying
Complete the associated badge on the Collections screen in order to claim this Triumph.
The Front Lines
In the Vex Offensive, complete encounters and close the warp gate. Successful encounter completions grant the most efficient progress.
2 / 2
check_box Completed
Final Assault
In the Vex Offensive, defeat the Undying Mind.
check_box Completed
Perfect Assault
In the Vex Offensive, close the warp gate without dying.
As a fireteam, destroy Oracles in the Vex Offensive.
check_box Completed
Over the Moon
In Season 8, defeat Vex Overlords on Earth's Moon in Archer's Line, Hellmouth, and Anchor of Light.
3 / 3
check_box Completed
Moonlight Crescendo
In Season 8, defeat combatants on the Moon with finishers. Challenging combatants grant the most efficient progress.
check_box Completed
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