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Total Score
Destinations // The Haul
Outlaw Style
Upgrade your Weak Synthesizer to a Middling Synthesizer.
Be Notorious
Upgrade your Middling Synthesizer to a Powerful Synthesizer.
Isn't He Dead?
Defeat a Likeness of Oryx using your Super abilities.
check_box Completed
Swift Reckoning
Complete a time trial run of Tier III in the Reckoning.
check_box Completed
The Old-Fashioned Way
Complete the Bridge of Folly encounter in a Tier III Reckoning run without the use of any Supers, including allied Supers.
check_box Completed
One Skip Ahead
Successfully complete the Reckoning at Tier III twice, once with each boss.
Get Recked
While in the Reckoning, defeat powerful enemies, land precision final blows, and defeat Shadow Thrall.
Greater Powers
Experience a vision from the Nine.
Complete all Invitations from the Nine.
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