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Total Score
Destinations // The Tangled Shore
Region Chests
Open all region chests on the Tangled Shore.
17 / 18
17 / 18
Public Events
Complete public events on the Tangled Shore.
Heroic Public Events
Complete Heroic public events on the Tangled Shore.
Complete a Flashpoint on the Tangled Shore.
WANTED: The Rider
Eliminate the Rider.
WANTED: The Trickster
Eliminate the Trickster.
WANTED: The Rifleman
Eliminate the Rifleman.
WANTED: The Hangman
Eliminate the Hangman.
WANTED: The Mad Bomber
Eliminate the Mad Bomber.
WANTED: The Mindbender
Eliminate the Mindbender.
WANTED: The Machinist
Eliminate the Machinist.
WANTED: The Fanatic
Eliminate the Fanatic.
The Hit List
Defeat all of the Scorned Barons.
8 / 8
check_box Completed
Trick or Treat
Defeat five enemies with a single engram bomb in adventure "The Trickster."
Hiving in Plain Sight
Loot the hidden chest in adventure "The Mindbender."
Clip on the Radar
Defeat five decoys with a single clip in adventure "The Rifleman."
WANTED—Public Events
Hunt the Tangled Shore for crashed cryo-pods containing escapees from the Prison of Elders.
Complete patrols on the Tangled Shore.
Ether Harvest
Participate in the "Ether Harvest" public event on the Tangled Shore.
Broken House
Explore the Kingship Dock on the Tangled Shore.
Explore Shipyard AWO-43 on the Tangled Shore.
Great Excavations
Explore the Wolfship Turbine on the Tangled Shore.
Trap Master
Explore Trapper's Cave on the Tangled Shore.
Seedy Underbelly
Explore the Empty Tank on the Tangled Shore.
Road Hog
Defeat enemies with Scorn Pikes.
Defeat Ravagers by shooting their explosive censers.
Ether Or
Destroy Scorn Ether-Torches, Ether-Shields, and Ether-Binds.
Inescapable Hunter
Complete "WANTED" bounties.
Bounty Hunter: Tangled Shore
Complete bounties from the Spider.
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