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Total Score
Heroic Public Events
Complete Heroic public events on Mars.
Complete a Flashpoint on Mars.
WANTED—Lost Sectors (Bounties)
Purchase bounties from the Spider to search Mars for powerful wanted escapees from the Prison of Elders.
WANTED—Lost Sectors
Hunt Lost Sectors on Mars for wanted escapees from the Prison of Elders.
Escalation Expert
Complete all 7 levels of Escalation Protocol.
Bounty Hunter: Mars
Complete bounties from Ana Bray.
Data Recovery
Complete the world quest "Data Recovery" on Mars.
Region Chests
Open all region chests on Mars.
Complete all adventures on Mars.
Public Events
Complete public events on Mars.
Sleeping Beauty
Override the lock frequencies of Rasputin's Sleeper Nodes.
Lost Memory Fragments
Find and destroy lost memory fragments on Mars.
Unlock cache ANSERIS on Mars.
Unlock cache PAVONIS on Mars.
Heroically Adventurous
Complete Heroic adventures on Mars.
5 / 5
check_box Completed
Complete patrols on Mars.
Lost Sectors—Alpha
Explore the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars.
Lost Sectors—Bravo
Explore the Ma'adim Subterrane Lost Sector on Mars.
Extermination Expert
Complete levels of Escalation Protocol.
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