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Total Score
Mark invaders.
High-Value Scout
Mark high-value targets.
Triumphant Invader
While you have the Invader Aura in Gambit Prime, win matches, defeat opposing Guardians with your Super, defeat opposing Guardians with Sniper or Linear Fusion Rifles, defeat opposing Guardians with Fusion Rifles or Shotguns, defeat opposing Guardians with any other weapon, and drain Motes while near the enemy bank.
0 / 6
Triumphant Collector
While you have the Collector Aura in Gambit Prime, win matches, deposit Motes, summon Small Blockers, summon Giant Blockers, and earn Half-Banked medals.
0 / 5
Triumphant Reaper
While you have the Reaper Aura in Gambit Prime, win matches, defeat combatants, defeat high-value targets, defeat Blockers and envoys, and earn Massacre Medals.
0 / 5
Triumphant Sentry
While you have the Sentry Aura in Gambit Prime, win matches, mark Invaders, defeat Blockers before your Primeval has spawned, defeat Taken when your Primeval has spawned, and earn Locksmith Medals.
0 / 5
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