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Total Score
Strength of the Pack
Complete matches with at least one other player in your fireteam.
Focused Fire
Defeat opponents with assists from at least one other fireteam member.
Full House
Win matches in any playlist with a full fireteam.
As a full fireteam, defeat opponents without any fireteam member being defeated.
21 / 25
21 / 25
One Hand Behind Our Backs
As a full fireteam, win a match without any fireteam member casting a Super.
check_box Completed
Class Action
Win matches with a full fireteam comprised of the same class.
1 / 3
As a full fireteam, win any match using only Bows and Swords.
0 / 1
0 / 1
Six Shooters
As a full fireteam, win a 6v6 match using only Hand Cannons and Sidearms.
0 / 1
0 / 1
Pew Pew!
As a full fireteam, win a match in any playlist using only Trace Rifles, Fusion Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles.
As a full fireteam, win a Mayhem match using only Supers to defeat opponents.
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