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Total Score
Seasonal // Season 9
Season 9: Power Bonus
In Season 9, increase your Power bonus with the Lantern of Osiris.
Season 9: Progress
In Season 9, unlock levels of the Season Pass.
Tangled Shore Resonance
Increase the Resonance Rank of the Tangled Shore Obelisk.
Mars Resonance
Increase the Resonance Rank of the Mars Obelisk.
Race Through Time
Complete a Sundial run in under 14 minutes.
Complete the Sundial activity to stop the Cabal from taking advantage of the Infinite Forest engine.
Saintly Savior
Save Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest.
Power Overwhelming
Increase the potential charge of the Tower Obelisk by repairing its components and increasing the level of destination obelisks.
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