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Total Score
Crucible // Combat Record
Season 8: Combat
Defeat opponents in any Crucible playlist during Season 8.
check_box Completed
Season 8: Challenges
Complete Crucible weekly challenges in Season 8.
check_box Completed
Fierce Competitor
Defeat opponents in any Crucible playlist.
Fight and Win
Win Crucible matches in any playlist.
Challenge Accepted
Complete daily and weekly Crucible challenges.
1 / 2
Complete the Crucible weekly challenge with a character of each class.
2 / 3
Complete Crucible bounties.
Forged in Fire
Complete the associated badge on the Collections screen in order to claim this Triumph.
0 / 1
0 / 1
Season 4: Combat
Defeat opponents in any playlist in Season 4.
check_box Completed
Year 1: Answer the Call
Complete Call to Arms milestones in Year 1.
check_box Completed
To the Victor
Win your first Crucible match.
1 / 1
check_box Completed
First Steps
Defeat your first opponent in the Crucible.
1 / 1
check_box Completed
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