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Total Score
0 21706
All Battleground Missions
Complete all Battleground Missions
Complete missions in the Battlegrounds playlist without dying.
Proven Celerity
Complete a mission in the Battlegrounds playlist in under 10 minutes.
Proven Reliability
Prevent Ghost from being interrupted during hacking and do not miss any volatile power cell shots at a generator.
Proven Fireteam
Complete all missions in the Battlegrounds playlist without anyone on your fireteam dying.
Proven Champions
Defeat Champions in the Battlegrounds playlist.
Eliminate Caiatl's Cabal
Eliminate all Cabal VIPs in the strike Proving Grounds.
Overdrive Overload
Overload power systems in the undercarriage section of strike Proving Grounds.
Gotta Go Halphas
Complete strike Proving Grounds at normal difficulty in less than 15 minutes.
Flawless Proving Grounds
Complete strike Proving Grounds in Nightfall without dying.
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