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Total Score
14722 21706
Upgrade Gift Ranks
Purchase Gift upgrades from the Prismatic Recaster.
Mod Collector
Collect all the seasonal mods from Season of Arrivals.
Basic Focus
Create each kind of basic Umbral Engram.
Advanced Pyramid Focus
Create each kind of Pyramid-Focused Umbral Engram.
Advanced Exodus Focus
Create each kind of Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram.
Advanced Dredgen Focus
Create each kind of Dredgen-Focused Umbral Engram.
Advanced Armor Focus
Create each kind of Armor-Focused Umbral Engram.
Contact: Destinations
Successfully complete the Contact public event on each available destination.
Contact: Heavy Hitters
Defeat each boss in the Contact public event and activate its Heroic mode.
Interference: Loop
Complete each of the three encounter types in the mission "Interference": disperse rituals, carry relics, and destroy crystal disruptors.
Interference: Clear the Air
Defeat Savathûn's mysterious Supplicant in mission "Interference."
Ancient Light Anew
Collect all of the Calcified Light fragments.
Hive-God Optometrist
Find and destroy all of Savathûn's Eyes.
Exodus: Preparation
Complete the Exotic quest "Exodus: Preparation."
Exodus: Evacuation
Complete the Exotic quest "Exodus: Evacuation."
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