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14446 21706
Beyond Light - Chapter 1
A distress signal from a person of interest may be the key to uncovering what Darkness has in store for us on Europa.
Beyond Light - Chapter 2
Eramis and her council hold the fate of Europa in their hands. It's ours to pry from them.
Beyond Light - Chapter 3
Eramis awaits within the walls of Riis-Reborn. Hunt her down.
Europan Tour
Earn a score of 1400 or more in the Europa Destination Triumphs.
1400 / 1400
check_box Completed
Sabotaging Salvation
Complete the quest "Reclaiming Europa."
The Aftermath
Complete the quest "Empire's Fall."
Platoon Ambush
In the "Ambush" step of the Warrior Empire Hunt, while in a fireteam of 3, defeat Elenax, Salvation Elite.
The Warrior
Complete "The Warrior" Empire Hunt on a higher difficulty.
Aspiration Denied
In the "Eliksni Evacuation" step of the Dark Priestess Empire Hunt, summon all 3 Archon Aspirants at once and defeat them within 90 seconds.
The Dark Priestess
Complete "The Dark Priestess" Empire Hunt on a higher difficulty.
Flies to Honey
In the "Scientific Method" step of the Technocrat Empire Hunt, rapidly defeat combatants in streaks of 4 or more.
50 / 50
check_box Completed
The Technocrat
Complete "The Technocrat" Empire Hunt on a higher difficulty.
Hunt for Power
Generate Orbs of Power in Empire Hunts.
Hunting Party
While in a fireteam, defeat Champions in Empire Hunts on a higher difficulty.
Master of the Hunt
Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.
Flawless Master of the Hunt
Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty without dying.
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