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Total Score
15180 21706
To the Victor
Crucible matches won. Glory Rank playlists contribute more progress.
60 / 60
check_box Completed
Watch Them Fall
Number of Guardians defeated in the Crucible.
350 / 350
check_box Completed
Unfaltering Glory
Longest win streak with no losses in a Glory Rank playlist this Season.
check_box Completed
Valor Knows Not Defeat
Longest win streak with no losses in a Crucible Rank playlist this Season.
check_box Completed
Valor Unbound
Number of Crucible Rank resets this Season.
check_box Completed
They Will Know You by Your Collateral
Number of opponents defeated with a Grenade Launcher this Season.
11 / 50
11 / 50
Forever Valorous
Earn Crucible Ranks across all Seasons.
check_box Completed
Legendary Valor
Achieve a Crucible Rank of "Legend" in any Season.
Reset your Crucible Rank across all Seasons.
check_box Completed
Right Back at It Again
Reset your Crucible Rank within a single Season.
check_box Completed
Unbroken Valor
Earn the maximum Crucible Rank win streak bonus in any Season.
check_box Completed
Fight for Glory
Earn Glory Ranks across all Seasons.
15 / 15
check_box Completed
Fabled Warrior
Earn weapon rewards from the "Fabled" Glory Rank in multiple Seasons.
check_box Completed
Become Legend
Achieve a Glory Rank of "Legend" in any Season.
A Glorious Legend
Achieve a Glory Rank of "Legend" in multiple Seasons.
check_box Completed
Unstoppable Glory
Win consecutive matches in any season.
check_box Completed
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