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Total Score
11396 21706
Migratory Patterns
Complete the exotic quest "As the Crow Flies".
Crow's Nest
Find Crow's Nest in the EDZ reservoir.
Talon of Light
Complete the exotic quest "Let Loose Thy Talons".
The Harbinger
Complete the activity "Harbinger".
Paracausal Plumage
Complete the exotic quest "Bird of Prey".
Immortal Harbinger
Complete the activity "Harbinger" without dying.
Lone Harbinger
Complete the activity "Harbinger" solo.
Alpha Hunter
Complete the activity "Harbinger" solo without dying.
Hunter Killer
Complete the activity "Harbinger" in 15 minutes or less.
Birds of a Feather
Complete the activity "Harbinger" while in a fireteam with two other Guardians where you all have Hawkmoon equipped.
In the activity "Harbinger", find all of the Feathers of Light in a single week.
Leave None
Complete the activity "Harbinger" 3/5/10 times.
For a Purpose
Discover all of the lorebook entries for "A Tangled Web."
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