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Total Score
15115 21706
Seeker of the Lost
Complete Wayfinder's Voyage, Parts I - VII.
Master Cartographer
Fully upgrade the Wayfinder's Compass vendor in the H.E.L.M.
Shattered Scholar
Retrieve all of the data caches within all branches of the Shattered Realm.
Mods of the Lost
Collect all Season of the Lost mods.
Decorated Wayfinder
Earn the first of three Seasonal ornaments from Crucible, Gambit, or strikes.
Scattered by Storms
Collect each Atlas Skew and listen to its recording.
Unsolved Mysteries
Using your Techeun abilities, solve the mysteries hidden throughout the Shattered Realm.
Instruments of the Lost
Collect all Seasonal weapons and armor from Season of the Lost, available as rewards from Astral Alignment, Shattered Realm, and focused Umbral Engrams.
Legendary Ascendant Explorer
Complete a journey through each branch of the Shattered Realm on Legendary difficulty.
Legendary Alignment
Complete the Legendary version of the Astral Alignment activity.
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