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Total Score
Account // Moments of Triumph
The Legend Continues
Imported a Destiny 1 character into Destiny 2.
The Dark Below
Completed "The Dark Below" campaign in Destiny 1.
The Black Garden
Completed "The Black Garden" campaign in Destiny 1.
House of Wolves
Completed "House of Wolves" campaign in Destiny 1.
Became Legend
Completed all Destiny 1 campaigns.
Crota's End
Completed the "Crota's End" raid in Destiny 1.
Vault of Glass
Completed the "Vault of Glass" raid in Destiny 1.
Rise of Iron
Completed "Rise of Iron" campaign in Destiny 1.
The Taken King
Completed "The Taken King" campaign in Destiny 1.
Beta Tester
Participated in a Destiny 2 beta test.
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