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Total Score
13823 21706
Cleaned Out
As a team, completely drain the opposing bank.
check_box Completed
Siphoned Funds
As a team, summon your Primeval by draining Motes from the opposing team's bank.
check_box Completed
As a team, drain a large portion of the opposing bank's contents in a single round.
check_box Completed
Following Instructions
Once your team holds enough Motes to summon a Primeval, deposit your Motes without picking up more.
check_box Completed
From the Jaws of Defeat
Win the round after the opposing team summons their Primeval while your team has fewer than 25 Motes banked or carried.
0 / 1
0 / 1
Open 24/7
Win a round in which your team's bank spent very little time locked.
check_box Completed
Block Party
As a team, have four Blockers at the enemy's bank at the same time.
check_box Completed
Never Say Die
Come back from a 25% deficit in Primeval health to win the round.
check_box Completed
Taking Turns
As a team, have all four players invade at least once during a round.
check_box Completed
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