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Total Score
11886 18285
All Battleground Missions
Complete all Battleground Missions
Complete missions in the Battlegrounds playlist without dying.
0 / 7
0 / 7
Proven Celerity
Complete a mission in the Battlegrounds playlist in under 10 minutes.
Proven Reliability
Prevent Ghost from being interrupted during hacking and do not miss any volatile power cell shots at a generator.
2 / 2
check_box Completed
Proven Fireteam
Complete all missions in the Battlegrounds playlist without anyone on your fireteam dying.
Proven Champions
Defeat Champions in the Battlegrounds playlist.
4 / 4
check_box Completed
Eliminate Caiatl's Cabal
Eliminate all Cabal VIPs in the strike Proving Grounds.
Overdrive Overload
Overload power systems in the undercarriage section of strike Proving Grounds.
6 / 6
check_box Completed
Gotta Go Halphas
Complete strike Proving Grounds at normal difficulty in less than 15 minutes.
Flawless Proving Grounds
Complete strike Proving Grounds in Nightfall: The Ordeal without dying.
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