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Community Focus - Knitehawk

Happy Friday, Guardians! I wanted to write something clever as an introduction for our newest Community Focus, but this Guardian is way cooler than anything I could come up with so how about we just hop right into it?  

Please give a warm community welcome to Knitehawk!

Happy Friday, Guardian! Please tell us who you are, where you are from, and what got you into content creation? 
Hi Guardians! I’m Knitehawk! A Twitch Partner that absolutely loves to help the community with all things PVP! I’m from Texas, born and raised! I’ve been gaming for quite a bit of time now and I like to believe Halo started me off on this amazing journey! I grew up in not the best of ways and gaming became my “safe haven” as a way to keep myself out of trouble as well as express myself. It allowed me to become the person I am today and help create a welcoming community.  
I love that gaming being a safe haven has been such a common sentiment across much of our community. So, what specifically got you into Destiny? 
I have always been a huge fan of all things Bungie ever since I came across Halo! Destiny came out while I was attending Full Sail University (Film/TV Production). I heard that a new Bungie game was coming out and I should check it out and that’s exactly what happened! After a 16-hour production shoot, I went to a midnight release of Destiny at the GameStop that was right behind the university, and well, I have been playing Destiny ever since!  
Oh gosh, those midnight releases feel like a lifetime ago, yeah? Do you have a specific type of content you spend more time in Destiny? 
I like to focus mostly on the PVP side of things, as competing in esports is a huge part of my background. I know that competition brings out the “heat” in players, but my community is the opposite of that. I always joke that we are all “positive vibes over here,” but it’s actually true. Every weekend when we do Trials of Osiris, I always make it a point to have my community ask questions about why I play a certain way or why I might even suggest a certain playstyle. I do this so it's an open discussion about PVP, because I don’t think there is truly one answer on how to do it. Everyone has their own playstyle; you just need to build it. I want everyone to feel welcome when it comes to PVP.  
I love that every time I have been in your channel during a Trials weekend I have actually learned something, and I pinky promise I am not just saying that!  
If you had to pick — I know, I know — what do you main and what is your favorite loadout?  
This is a tough one! I have been experimenting with so many different characters and builds since The Witch Queen! I would have to choose Void Hunter (Moebius Quiver) with Thorn and 1000 Yard Stare! Thorn has been my favorite exotic weapon since Destiny 1! I absolutely love sniping, before the 1000 Yard Stare returned, I used Adored and then, before that, the REVOKER! Reaching over 25k defeats with the Revoker will always be my favorite achievement, because that weapon was amazing and so unique!  
25k with Revoker?! Good gracious that a lot! Alright, it's time for an easy question. What kind of vibe does your channel maintain?   
I can almost answer this in one word: Family. I’m Hispanic so family and family traditions are a huge part of who I am. When you join the Hawkling community, that’s exactly what you become, family. We welcome anyone who wants to hang out, talk about life, and find new ways to have fun in the Crucible. Also, there’s a rule (I didn’t make this up) if I ever fall off the map, you have to clip it and never let me forget.  
Oh, I love that your community is called the “Hawklings,” that’s precious as heck. So where can people find you?  
You can catch my stream Thursday - Tuesday on Twitch  and every Friday – Monday, you will find me helping the community reach the Lighthouse! I am also heavily on Twitter where I try to find out what everyone is trying out in PVP or sharing things I have learned about the Crucible. I also post a bit of everything Destiny-related on my YouTube, including weapon reviews, builds for PVP, and more! If you want to see quick bits of how streams go or even some pretty interesting pvp clips, you can check out my Tiktok
Anything else you want to add?   
I want to say thank you to everyone who has had a helping hand in building Destiny. You have not only created an amazing game, but Bungie has created a community like I’ve never seen. I am so happy to be a part of this community. 
Massive shoutout to the Hawkling family and everything they have done for me! Especially our mods — because of them, we have constant content and reminders that I forget to see where I am jumping. This has been a wild six years of creating content and enjoying Destiny. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and our community. 
Thank you, Bungie, for this opportunity. <3 

Heck yeah! The Lighthouse is a pretty rad place to go, so if you need to go for the first time (or just want a new tour guide) head on over to Knitehawks’s stream this weekend! If you missed last week's Community Focus with Liana and InDeeDee, please make sure you go check that out right now. And also, don’t forget to tag Liana, Cozmo, Dylan, or myself with any and all Guardians you would love to see featured, we are always looking!  

*high fives*  

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