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Player Support Report - 1/3/2019

Things are just beginning to spin back up here at Bungie. Team members are slowly returning from holiday break, and This Week at Bungie will return on January 10 when we're at full force. Until then, the Player Support team is here with an update on our current investigations.

Helping Hands

Ghosts of Dawnings Past
With the Dawning in the rear-view mirror, here are a few notes we’d like to make about the inventories of participating players.

  • Eva’s Holiday Oven has been removed from the Pursuits inventories of all players.
  • Along with Eva’s Holiday Oven, all ingredients for Dawning recipes have been removed from the inventories of all players.
  • Incomplete Dawning Cheer Sparrow upgrades have been removed from the Pursuits inventories of all players.
  • Leftover Essences of the Dawning have been removed from the Consumables inventories of all players.
  • The Dawning Cheer Sparrow perks “Happy Dawning” and “Dawning Dare” are no longer active following the conclusion of the Dawning.
  • All incomplete or unclaimed Triumphs from the Dawning have expired, and have been hidden in the Triumphs screen.
  • If dismantled, eligible players may reclaim the following Dawning rewards from their respective collections: the “Dawning Cheer” Sparrow, the “Affinity’s Gift” ship, and the “Holiday Treats” and “Delicious Benefactor” emblems.
  • Dawning armor from the Winterdrift Engram, which feature randomized perks, cannot be reclaimed from collections if dismantled.

Players encountering other issues following the conclusion of the Dawning should report to the #Help forum.

Destiny 2: Forsaken and Season of the Forge Vital Information and Known Issues
In addition to the items listed above, Destiny Player Support would like to remind players of the currently tracked vital information and known issues which players should be aware of in Destiny 2.

  • Forge Key Issues: We are investigating an issue where forge keys may not be counting toward the Mysterious Box, and players aren't able to obtain another key.
  • Ada-1 Weapon Frames: In addition to the existing issue where players may lose access to weapon frames during the week, we are investigating another issue where weapon frames are not received when a player’s Pursuit inventory is full, but materials are consumed anyway.
  • Calculated Trajectory: We are investigating an issue where the Calculated Trajectory medal is not appearing in Iron Banner.
  • No Feelings: We are investigating an issue where the No Feelings Scout Rifle does not correctly track kills when Masterworked.
  • Ace of Spades: We are investigating player reports indicating that Memento Mori is cancelling early when reload is initiated, then interrupted by sprinting.
  • Braytech RWP Mk. II: We are investigating player reports stating that the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle cannot be infused above 600 Power.
  • Blast Furnace: We are investigating player reports describing Blast Furnace losing extra ammo on trigger pull when its magazine is overloaded by Ambitious Assassin.

For the latest known issues as soon as they are available, players should visit our Destiny 2 Known Issues and Vital Information knowledge base article.

Through the remainder of the week, I'll be deep in the Destiny 2 and Feedback forums on, collecting your thoughts to pass on to the team. Have feedback on the Forges, Iron Banner, or other topics? Sound off!

Alright, Alright, Alright. 2019 on the field. Be notorious.

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