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Unite the Clans – Abyss Asylum

This week, we gave you some info about how to prepare your existing Clan for the transition to Destiny 2. But if you don’t already have an existing Clan, you don’t have to wait for the launch of Destiny 2 to find a regular crew to play with. You can start right now! And we have a Clan lined up for you to consider joining.

Clan Name: Abyss Asylum
Clan Tag: ABYS
Clan Motto: “Be the best you can be.” The Abyss will help you improve your game above and beyond what you can do today.
Mission Statement: The Abyss is a place where all guardians and their friends can call home regardless if they are top 500 PvP, speed run Raiders, or serious casuals.
Overall Clan Mood: Enthusiastic. We are excited about all of the activities available in Destiny and looking forward to our next adventures in D2. Our speed run and tournament teams are practicing, and our Sherpas are competing on who helps the most members clear a 390 Raid or reach the lighthouse for the first time.
Recruitment Status: We are open to new recruits worldwide on PS4. Our main Clan is divided geographically, and we also have specialized sub-Clans in both PvE and PvP for skilled guardians.
Ideal Candidate: Our ideal candidate is the skilled Raider or Crucible player looking for like-minded Guardians to improve their game. Our main Clan is open to anyone, and we specialize in introducing new players into the Destiny game world.
Closing Statement
In the Abyss we pride ourselves in having one of the most skilled groups of gamers in Destiny while remaining open for anyone to join. We accomplish this through our tiered structure. As you navigate the Abyss you will start out in our main Clan called Abyss Asylum. From there you decide what you like to do. You can take a PvE path, a PvP path, or both. Ahead of you lie challenging goals to qualify for our specialized sub-Clans. 

We would like to shout out to Cozmo for giving us this opportunity to showcase our community, as well as the rest of the Bungie team for creating the canvas where we can meet, spend time together, and build upon our success. Collectively we have all spent more time in this game than any other. We have developed friendships that we would have never known, and enriched our lives for the better. For this, thank you all. 
I would also like to shout out to the other founders of United Clans. Collectively we represent thousands of avid Clanmates and our collective experiences help us build and lead our communities. If you are a Clan founder and interested in joining us, PM pacificdune and I will point you in the right direction.

Go give Abyss Asylum a look and see if you think they might be the Clan to call home. There are a lot of Clans looking for new members on our recruitment form. Seek one out and get yourself ready for Destiny 2. 

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