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Community Focus - Ninja with No L

Our focus this week comes from the exciting world of gaming streamed live. Ninja with No L is a streamer who primarily enjoys the fast-paced action of the Crucible. He’s a skilled competitor who is always charging full-speed ahead, flying around the map and trying not to crash into anything. He did slow down for a just a second to tell us a little about the player behind the mask. 

First things first: Who are you and what would you say you do here?

NNL: Well to start, everyone can call me Ninja. "Ninja with no L" can be quite the mouthful and an even bigger chore to type out at the end of a Twitch URL. I'm an avid shape-hater, I enjoy long momentum bursts through a plethora of Crucible maps, and I'm a sucker for some Destiny PvP. I've been streaming Destiny for a couple years now, starting with some small competitive games way back when "Sweats" were first emerging. Anyone remember "Critical Mindz"?  Then Trials of Osiris came about, and I've been hooked ever since. Lighthouse Sherpa-ing has been my staple. Helping others and having a hefty challenge on occasion keeps me coming back. In summary, I like to go fast, complain about in-game geometry, and I do my best to Sherpa those who never thought they would make it to the Lighthouse. 
Wait, did you say shape-hater? What is that?

NNL: When I'm talking about "shapes," it’s purely a nickname for in-game geometry. It can be the worst enemy for a good Titan skate. Whether you're raiding, playing some casual Crucible, or fighting it out for a potential flawless run, there will always be that one piece of geometry that you'll get stuck on.—usually resulting in your untimely demise. Nothing like a good old rock, lantern, or traffic cone to ruin a good moment. 

We have all found ourselves futilely trying to strafe, unaware of the rock preventing us from not dying. So where can we find you on the internet?

NNL: You can find me on Twitch and Twitter. And technically you can find me on YouTube, but my content has been scarce these last few months. 
We’ll give you some inspiration for more YouTube content next week. For now, tell us about your current favorite subclasses and weapons to choose from in Destiny.

NNL: Well my favorite subclass has to be a toss-up between Sunbreaker and Striker. Both are complemented by the Twilight Garrison. I'm a velocity addict. Any day I can manage to keep a nice, fluid movement while dispatching my opponents is a good day. When it comes to weapons, I can use just about anything. But Hand Cannons hold a special place in my PvP heart. They're lethal, precise, and they allow for some remnant of in-air accuracy... which tends to complement my lack of ability to keep my feet on the ground. 
I agree! It feels good to fly through the air wielding a Hand Cannon with the Icarus perk. There are a lot of other ways to spend your time in Destiny. What are your favorite activities?

NNL: Crucible has to be where my heart lies when it comes to anything and everything Destiny. It's important to complete the story, strikes, and raids... but PvP is my true endgame. It's the only place where you can find an opponent who's trying to outsmart you with a ton of cool abilities at their disposal. No scripted events—just some good, old-fashioned Player on Player combat. Whether its 6v6, 3v3, or even Rumble... Destiny has the secret sauce that keeps me coming back. 
The fiery Crucible is a place where true heroes are forged. What can people expect to see when they tune into your streams?

NNL: Well if you find your way through the Destiny directory on Twitch, you'll be sure to be welcomed by some unprofessionalism, some shape-hatred rants, and the occasional "how is he still alive" Crucible combat. I like to mix it up on occasion and do something I like to call "Crucible Commentary," where I try to give you an inside look on what I'm doing mid-game and why I'm doing it. Some things can be watched to gain knowledge from, but really getting a narration of the reasoning behind every movement and ability being used can be really helpful to those that struggle to keep up with just visuals. Deriving the inner rhythm that makes a player tick can be half the battle when trying to get to know that individual's playstyle. 
They do say that knowing is half the battle. What has been your favorite part of streaming Destiny?

NNL: Being able to stream Destiny to support myself and my family has to be one of the coolest things I've ever accomplished in regards to gaming. Turning this passion into somewhat of a career is amazing, and very few manage to find some way to do something they love while supporting themselves and their loved ones. I've met some marvelous people through this video game we've all come to play on a day-to-day basis. Some of which I like to consider close friends or even family. If someone would have told me that playing Destiny was going to take me down this path, I wouldn't have believed them. I won’t forget the people I've met through Destiny and its time in the sun. To all the ladies/gents at Bungie that helped bring this game into reality, THANK YOU. 
No, thank you for stopping by to share your story.

If you are away from your console and in the mood for some intense Destiny action, check out Ninja with No L’s channel. You might even pick up some new moves listening to his “Crucible Commentary.”

We are taking requests for upcoming Community Focus posts. If you have someone in mind, let us know. The best way to share your idea is to make a post with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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