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Community Focus - Myelin Games

Our focus for this week is a lore connoisseur. He dives deep into the stories that shape the Destiny universe. Myelin Games has been creating some cool video comics inspired by the world we all explore. Matt, the man behind the channel, stopped by to tell us about why he loves Destiny lore and what else he’s been working on. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in the Destiny Community.

Matt: G’day! My name is Matt and I create Destiny Lore videos on YouTube. I spend most of my time reading the Grimoire cards and item descriptions, trying to interpret and explain the hidden stories of Destiny. It is likely I have made a lore video about your favorite exotic weapon or tried to answer a common story question… *cough* Who is the Exo Stranger? *cough*

There are still a lot of mysteries to explore in Destiny. Where can we explore your content on the Internet?

Matt: I am primarily on YouTube and I upload at least one Destiny lore video per week, however with the new Age of Triumph Grimoire cards I have been able to release up to five! Good job by the way, the new cards hinted at some exciting story possibilities for Destiny 2! I often tease Lore theories on Twitter and I stream three times a week on Twitch, where lore questions are always welcome. I am also a co-host on a new podcast, Destiny Down Under, beware, the Australian humor is strong!

Time for the most important question: What is your favorite Subclass and Weapon?

Matt: I main a Titan… HOWEVER, from a lore point of view, my favorite Subclass is the Voidwalker Warlock. The idea of "walking" the Void, the nothingness, the space between stars, is amazing. “Just try explaining that to someone who has never walked the Void." —Toland's Journal.

Telesto! I mean c’mon, it shoots mini-harbingers. You know, the super weapon that the Queen used against the House of Wolves and Oryx.

I have never walked the Void, but I have stalked the night… Moving on! What first got you into diving deep into Destiny’s lore?

Matt: I had made 100 Destiny videos before I discovered Destiny’s grimoire cards! However, once I did, the excitement of piecing together different grimoire cards and theories was something that I wanted to share with everyone. Knowing the history of "that weapon" or "that character" complements the game, adding a sense of discovery and excitement. Giving people that "eureka" moment is extremely rewarding.
What is your favorite Grimoire Card or side story found in Destiny’s lore?

Matt: The Books of Sorrow! This is a series of Grimoire cards unlocked through collecting the Calcified Fragments. It tells the story of the Hive and the rise of the Taken King… Oryx. I remember feeling empathy for Oryx and questioning whether Guardians are just as evil. The creation of Touch of Malice concludes this story and makes Guardians further question their decisions and actions… OK, I will stop— I am getting a bit excited.

It’s a fascinating read. You have any new video series or projects coming up you want to give everyone a sneak peek on?

Matt: Yes! I am working with a talented artist by the name of Gammatrap. He is helping create a Destiny lore summary in video comic book form. New Destiny players that join the community as we approach Destiny 2 should be able to watch the video and learn about all the hidden lore they may have missed in Destiny. I have also had some talented writers send me entire novels set within the Destiny Universe, and we are working hard on bringing these to life on the channel.

Sounds like exciting content! Anything else you would like say? 

Matt: Don’t let anyone tell you that Destiny has no story!

Big thanks to Matt for stopping by to tell us about his channel. Make sure you stop by Myelin games and watch all of the incredible lore videos they have put together.

We’re not done. We will have another Community Focus for you next week. We are always taking requests from the community on who you want to see. If you have an idea, let us know on our community forum. Just make a post with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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