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Unite the Clans - Divine Precision

Destiny has a way of connecting people from all around the world. Right now you can see someone in the Tower, invite them along for some Strikes or Iron Banner, and make a new friend to continue playing within the days and weeks to come. The next step is taking that group of friends you have built up and coming together to form a Clan and create and identity for your group. Have you been keeping to yourself so far? You can always join in with an already established Clan and skip the ground work. We even have one in mind.

Clan Name: Divine Precision

Clan Tag: DvP

Clan Motto: Faster, higher, stronger.

Mission Statement: We are here to help each Guardian achieve their goals to the best of our ability, PvP or PvE. Any Guardian standing with us will not be left behind. 

Overall Clan Mood: Laid back and chill.

Recruitment Status: We are recruiting active Guardians on the PS4 until our roster fills up. 

Ideal Candidate: We don't overlook any Guardian. Anybody that loves to be in a relaxed environment is more than welcome to join.

Closing Statement: We organized together to create an open and diverse community of people willing to help each other. Whether you have never completed a Raid or have never made it to the Lighthouse, we won't turn you down. Most of our members are working adults from various parts of the world. We understand that real life comes first and we don't hold that against our members. Just come join us when you are ready to play. 

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Bungie for allowing us to build friendships with people that we otherwise would not have made. Expect to see Divine Precision when Destiny 2 drops!

Divine Precision is a great option for you to consider if you are a PS4 player interested in finding a Clan to call your own. If you are on a different console or don’t think Divine Precision is the Clan for you, go check out our Clan recruitment page for more options.

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