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Unite the Clans - Inexfuture

Guardians have returned to the Vault of Glass to find stronger enemies and new challenges. Iron Banner Control is coming back next week with weapons and armor to earn in glorious combat. Having trusted Guardians in your Fireteam can really help when you go to tackle these activities. Clans are a great way of meeting other Destiny players and maintaining long lasting bonds. We have met many Clans during our travels who show up to events in matching shirts and tell us about how a group of internet strangers grew closer together to become lifelong friends. Inexfuture is one of those Clans. 

Clan name: Inexfuture
Clan tag: INF
Clan motto: Together we stand, divided we fall, from sea to sea we all come from afar.

Mission statement:  Let's have fun! It’s a call to everyone who is willing to be nice and respectful to other players, it doesn't matter who you are, and we will be here to help each other through the game. Join us and I promise we can beat the game in the company of good friends.

Overall Clan mood:
Be nice and respectful to everyone in the clan, friends, and friends to be. Once you have Inexfuture on your banner you represent the clan, be proud.

Recruitment Status: PS4 

Ideal Candidate: Those who are willing to be nice and respectful to other players and most importantly willing to have fun.

Closing Statement: Inexfuture became more than a group of strangers that have gathered just to play a game. Every one of you has a story to tell behind those powerful guardians. A beautiful person waiting to be discovered as their real self. Let's put down this mask that we have to put on every day to please everyone the real world. In Inexfuture you can be the real you! No judgment, no worries. Those crazy things can be left behind, let's give life to those amazing characters with the best of us! This is our clan please make it yours.

This amazing game has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people from around the world, and unite them into one unified group. Inexfuture is a group we call family. And like a family, we have fallen, gone through family drama, and lost members. But we have picked ourselves up unto our feet and ultimately have triumphed. Thank you, Bungie and everyone that make this happen.

Inexfuture is one of the many choices available to you as a potential Clan to call home. You always have the option of starting your own Clan if that is more your style. If you would like to have your Clan featured here, make a post in the Clan recruitment section with tag #UTC.

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