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Community Focus - Arekkz

Our focus for this week is a charming bloke from the United Kingdom. He is an avid creator of Destiny videos on YouTube and a fellow Hunter. He also apparently never sleeps because when he isn’t playing games he is busy making videos about them. He keeps his channel stocked full of content with a video every day, seven days a week.  

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Arekkz. 

Welcome to your Community Focus. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you fit in in the Destiny Community

Arekkz: My name is Alex (aka Arekkz) and I run the Arekkz Gaming YouTube channel with my buddy TwoSixNine. I’ve been making YouTube videos for about 4 years now, and I cover a wide variety of games, but Destiny is one of my staple titles that I produce videos for week in, week out. In fact, it was Destiny that motivated me to start making daily videos. I’ve been playing and covering Destiny ever since the Alpha, and I’m excited to see where our journey goes next – it’s a pretty exciting week, eh?

Pretty exciting indeed. We made a little announcement yesterday. What did you think of the Destiny 2 teaser?

Arekkz: I was actually in the middle of fighting Crota when it dropped, haha, but honestly to begin with I was lost for words! You guys sure know how to get the hype train going. Cayde-6 has always been one of my favourite characters, so to have him front and center in the teaser was a great way to kick things off - I already have so many questions! One thing I can say for sure is that my hype levels are now off the chart. I can't wait till Thursday. If the teaser was this good, I'm not sure my body is ready for the full thing

Yep, we are just getting started. So where can we find you on the internet?

Arekkz: You can find me predominantly on YouTube where I upload daily gaming videos for a range of different games including, of course, Destiny. I practically live on Twitter, so that’s probably the easiest place to reach me. I also recently launched a second YouTube channel where I vlog. If anyone ever wonders what goes on behind the scenes on YouTube, then feel free to check that out! And when I stream I’m on Twitch.
That is quite the media empire you are building. What is your favorite Subclass and weapon?

Arekkz: My favourite Subclass is definitely Nightstalker – I’ve been a Hunter since day one (I actually have 3 Hunters) and the ability to Shadestep has saved my life more times than I care to count! Both Monster Hunter & Dark Souls taught me that if you’re in danger, just roll! 

As for my favourite weapon, that’d definitely have to go to Bad Juju – in my opinion it’s one of the coolest looking weapons in Destiny, even more so with the new Ornaments. Plus it matches the Ahamkara/Hive-like aesthetic I have going for my Hunter; fashion first, stats second! 

Maybe one day you’ll let me wear a full Ahamkara set of armor?

You never know what cool creations our armor designers will come up with next. Three Hunters is by far the best answer we have had for this question. So what kind of content can we find on your YouTube?

Arekkz: I typically produce informative videos.  Generally speaking if you want to know something about Destiny, I’ve probably made a video on it – Raid boss guides, guides on how to get Exotic weapons, weekly reset videos, Xûr’s stock, weapon reviews, tips on how to farm important items, beginner guides for the Kinderguardians out there, etc. And outside of that I also cover all the important news like game updates, patch notes, and with Destiny 2 on the horizon, then literally anything I think people want to know about. Sometimes with a healthy dose of speculation thrown in for good measure.

It’s safe to say I’m going to have a lot of Destiny videos to make this year…

Yes you are. Starting with Age of Triumph which launched yesterday. What have you enjoyed the most so far?

Arekkz: For me it has to be the ability to go back into all the old Raids and collect the old armour sets. Raiding is the thing I love the most about Destiny, so being able to relive all those epic moments and wear the gear one last time is a definite highlight. The Vault of Glass gear has always been my favourite, so I’m looking forward to picking that up next week. In the meantime, the Ornaments on the Crota gear are insane, and will go nicely with my current green getup.
The fashion for AoT is fierce. There's a lot of good looking gear to collect. Anything else you would like to add before we wrap up? 

Arekkz: I just want to say thank you to everyone at Bungie for making this awesome game that has claimed so many hours of my life, and also to all the Destiny community for being such a great, supportive bunch of people – thanks for watching my videos, and hopefully they’ve helped people out along the way.

Oh, also, now that Destiny 2 is officially a thing, can I put in a request for beards please? I feel like my Guardian will never be able to maximise his potential if he doesn’t have a beard to go along with his legacy. 

Your feedback and requests are always welcome.

Big thanks to Arekkz for stopping by to tell us about his channel and experiences with Destiny. You should go watch some his videos. If you are reading this the same day it was released, today is Arekkz’s birthday. So make sure you wish him a happy birthday.

That is all the time we have folks. We will be back next week with a new community member to focus on. If you have someone you would like to see featured here, make a post on the community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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