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Community Focus – Destiny Fun Police

Some players hold the opinion that Defender Titans are not a viable option in the Crucible. They believe this subclass lacks the necessary offensive strength to compete against other subclasses that roam around the map dealing out death and destruction. Our next guest disagrees. Acting as a PvP Sheriff of sorts, he and his deputies roam the Crucible on a mission to suppress any “fun” being had by other subclasses. They strip them of their Supers and outwit them with the clever use of their defensive home turf. We asked them to come by and share a few of their tactics with us. 

Welcome to your Community Focus, officer. Tell us about yourself.

DFP: Hi, my name is Sheikh! I stream and make content on YouTube for this awesome game we all know and love! I created my channel around Christmas last year, just as a bit of fun between me and my friends. It has been quite the journey since then, with so many people in the community embracing playing Destiny PVP in a different way. 

A different way indeed. Where can we find you on the Internet?

DFP: You can find me at The Destiny Fun Police on YouTube, where I post multiple videos a week entirely focused on PVP shenanigans. From highlight videos to guides, montages, and funny moments, it's all there! I also stream on Twitch at Sheikh17, where I help viewers to the Lighthouse every weekend, and occasionally squad up with five of my fellow Defenders to have some fun.

This has pretty much been established by now, but what is your favorite subclass and weapon?

DFP: Defender Titan and The Chaperone are my subclass and weapon of choice. For me, The Chaperone is one of the best guns ever made in Destiny. It's everything an exotic weapon should be: fun, unique, and absolutely deadly when used to its full potential. 

You are known for your proficiency in suppressing Supers with the Defender Titan. Why do you enjoy taking away everyone else’s fun so much? 

DFP: It all began during the Sunbreaker reign of terror at the start of The Taken King. When everyone else ran at the first CLANG of the dreaded hammer, I found that my suppressor grenade was the answer to the problem. I then stepped into Mayhem Rumble, armed with nothing but my Ward of Dawn and my suppressors, and realised how much fun it was to shut down all of the Supers! I uploaded a Mayhem Rumble 'Fun Police' video to YouTube, and the channel was born. 

Got any tips on how players can play your Defender build in the Crucible better?

DFP: Be smart. The Defender Titan is not like the other subclasses in Destiny. It requires strategic thinking to get the most out of it. And BE BRAVE! If you play your cards right, there is a counter to every single Super in the game. The feeling of satisfaction you feel when you outplay a Striker Titan with a Ward of Dawn is unrivaled. I also happen to have a very in-depth video guide on my YouTube channel for those of you who really want to learn more!

I have dabbled with Defenders, and it is a rush when you throw the perfect Suppression grenade. When you are not policing the Crucible, what are your other favorite activities in Destiny?

DFP: I have to say that would be getting carried by StoryMachine and Megamagwitch of Husky Raid in the weekly Nightfall Strike for Planet Destiny! 
The curtain is closing. Is there anything else you would like to say before we go?

DFP: Simply to say, thank you so much to everyone who encouraged me to make content and to stream in the beginning. Without you I would not be here. And to everyone in my Twitch/YouTube community that has grown to be such a wonderful part of my life, thank you. 

To all aspiring Defender Titans or anyone wanting to see some entertaining Super shutdowns, go give The Destiny Fun Police a visit. We’ll be back next week with another member of the community to place our focus on. Much like a bad cover band, we take requests. If you know of someone you would like to see featured here, make a post on the community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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