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Unite the Clans - xInsidious Knightsx

During our vast travels across the World Wide Web, we discovered another Clan ready and waiting for more Guardians to join their ranks. It’s our mission to seek out groups of Guardians banding together to form friendships and fight minions of the darkness together. If you need a regular Raid group, or just a few players to run some Strikes with, consider the xInsidious Knightsx.

(Currently 10 Divisions under this banner)

Clan Tag: DAB

Clan Motto: Devotion and Brotherhood (DAB)
Mission Statement
Our purpose is to provide a healthy community where players can be a part of something they can contribute to and learn from while playing their favorite games, mainly focusing on Destiny.

We believe that the bonds built with clan mates while enjoying our favorite games are the foundation of our clan and that's where our motto—"Devotion and Brotherhood"— came from.
Overall Clan Mood: Relaxed, chill, and competitive without the intimidation.
Recruitment Status: We are always looking for both experienced Guardians and those that are new to the game.
Ideal Candidate: Guardians who can appreciate our Clan structure and community while being respectful and representing the Knights with honor.
Closing Statement: I was originally going to put testimonials here of our members’ experiences in the Clan but response after response was consistently positive, which means we are doing it right. If you're looking for a community to build true bonds and get even more out of Destiny then we are your home, regardless of skill. Our events calendar ranges from training raids to Crucible, which includes sweats and everything in between. We truly offer a wide variety of support for end-game content and keep all Guardians engaged as we await new adventures. We are truly proud of the community we’ve built for one simple reason: our members love our Clan and have made true friends.

There you have it. xInsidious Knightsx is yet another organized Clan you could choose to join up with. It’s nice having Clanmates to back you up. If this Clan is not the right one for you, we will have more for you soon. You can also search for yourself on our recruitment page. If you have a Clan of your own and would like to see your group featured here, make a post on the Clan section with the tag #UTC

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