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Community Focus – ZiroTV

For the past several years, Bungie has made the trip to beautiful Cologne, Germany for the annual gamescom industry event. We have met many new friends on our travels, some of whom have agreed to sit down with us for a chat about themselves and their channels. ZiroTV is a duo of German players who enjoy making YouTube videos and streaming in their spare time. We’ll let them give you the details.  

Hello, and welcome. Tell us a bit about yourselves and your channel.

ZTV: First of all, thanks for having us. We have been Destiny fans since day one and this is truly an honor to be featured as a Community Focus. ZiroTV is a project consisting of two members: Michael (26) and Florian (17). We’re better known under our gamer tags iTzzMichaa and iTzzFloo, or as the ZiroTV duo. We’ve known each other for ten years and have lived in the same building for quite some time. Living this close to each other gives us the perfect opportunity to produce daily video content for our Youtube channel. On YouTube, we offer the biggest and best known German channel for daily Destiny content including guides, reviews for weapons, gear and classes, recommendations, and news. One of our main goals was to offer newcomers a pleasant and easy start into the complex Destiny universe. We also want to entertain the hardcore players with informative content.
Within the last two years, we have produced more than 1,600 Destiny videos. We always like to have a consistent mix of longer, more detailed topics, and shorter news segments. We want our subscribers to always be well informed about all things Destiny. In order to guarantee this quality, we spend several hours on editing our YouTube videos and communicating directly to our viewers via our daily Twitch live stream. It’s all about getting people involved and having fun; we really love the direct interaction with our viewers.

Wow, that is a lot of videos. Where do you call home on the Internet?

ZTV: On YouTube you can find new content each day and also visit our daily live stream on Twitch. On Facebook and Twitter we offer daily postings and we also have an Instagram channel to cover all of our activities, e.g. events like gamescom, PSX, or our exclusive visit to Bungie prior to the Rise of Iron launch.
It was a pleasure getting to meet you when you came in for a visit. What do you find unique about the German Destiny community? 

ZTV: We’ve met a lot of international Destiny players at events. Whether it’s Russian, Spanish, or Japanese players, we all share the same enthusiasm, passion and mindset. Everyone enjoys the overwhelming experience of mastering a Raid for the first time or earning the last missing Exotic item for your collection. All Destiny players know exactly how that feels, irrespective of nationalities or gender. This is the reason why it is really hard to name specific things that differentiates the German community from others. 

We have made the experience that German players always try to help Destiny newcomers to find their way into the game and the community. Germans tend to be really ambitious about improving their performance in Raids or perfecting their movement in multiplayer modes. Players use Facebook groups as networks to start their next Destiny adventures in Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Raids. There are always helpful people willing to join your team and play together. 

It’s also a privilege that Bungie has visited gamescom the last few years and gave German players the chance to get an early hands-on with new Destiny content. We always hear that it’s a great experience for community members to have the opportunity to personally talk to Bungie staff like DeeJ while playing the new PvP maps at the Destiny booth. It feels like Bungie really cares about the German Destiny fans and the community in general. This is what we get as feedback when talking to other players.
We love meeting players at events all around the world. What was your favorite memory from gamescom?

ZTV: gamescom is always a highlight! In 2015 and 2016, we had the chance to get our hands on Destiny early and capture new gameplay material before release. It’s always an honor to meet the Bungie staff in person and talk about the game. At gamescom it’s also great meeting other Destiny YouTubers that you only see at events due to living in different parts of Germany or even other countries. One of our most favorite experiences was cooperating with Bungie and Activision to present the official German live stream of Rise of Iron directly from the gamescom 2016 event together with our friends from Inside PlayStationDE. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to give the German community and a worldwide audience a first glimpse at the new Rise of Iron content while also interviewing DeeJ on the show. This was definitely our personal highlight, but every gamescom is a lot of fun. The Bungie guys are always open for a chat and show their interest. They always listen to what drives the community and that is what makes this relationship so special.
Which Subclass and weapons are your favorite?

Micha: I prefer my Hunter with the Nightstalker Subclass. My favorite weapon is The Last Word. I love the movement of the Hunter and the way The Last Word performs, which is quite unique.

Flo: From day one the Warlock has been my favorite character and the MIDA Multi-Tool is my weapon of choice because it gives me an unrivaled speed when combined with my Warlock.

Good picks Micha. Flo, you have good taste in weapons. Is there anything else you would like to add before we go?

ZTV: Thank you very much for having us as part of Community Focus. And please, bring back the old Raids with adapted levels and the Vex Mythoclast and Necrochasm.

Thanks for the suggestion. We're always listening to feedback.

We would like to thank the guys from ZiroTV for taking the time to be our Community Focus this week. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel. Even if you don’t speak German, they have some great content

Who will be the next Community Focus? We don’t know yet. But we are always taking suggestions. If you have someone in mind make a post on the Community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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