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Community Focus - Destiny PS4 Facebook Community

We are back with another community leader to focus. We make an effort to track down anyone who is doing great things in the community and give them a platform to tell their story. Some of the strongest communities are led by teams of players, committed to working hand in hand to create a great place for Guardians to gather. Today, we are featuring one of the largest Facebook communities dedicated to Destiny.

The emissary for the corner of the PlayStation Nation is someone you may have heard from before: MesaSean. On this occasion, he speaks on behalf of his Facebook friends in Guardian armor.

The focus is now upon you. Tell us about your group.

MS: The Destiny PS4 Facebook community was founded by myself and Toni Seppälä in July of 2014 when we were playing the Destiny Beta. We wanted to create a community where everyone could come to share their love for Destiny and find others to play with. Our members share clips, pictures, memorable moments, ask questions, and look for other Guardians to play with. Not everyone likes to use LFG sites to find other players to do daily Destiny activities and our Facebook community is a friendly/welcoming place to do just that. We’re currently approaching 40,000 members.
That is a mighty army. What are you doing to attract such a large following?

MS: It’s all about keeping the page friendly for everyone and keeping it strictly Destiny related. Members may look at our rules section and think “wow they have a lot of rules,” but all these are in place to help keep the community we made as welcoming as possible to everyone. Many members have made permanent friends from our community as well. You start out as a random for a Nightfall and the next thing you know you are linking up going after Flawless week after week.
This is more of a question for you as astute representatives of your vast community. What are your go-to Subclasses and Weapons?

MS: Only Warlock Stormcallers are permitted to join our community. (Just kidding.) It's safe to say all nine subclasses are equally represented in our community. Most enjoy the new Subclasses introduced in The Taken King. That's one of the many beauties of Destiny. There is so much variety in Subclasses and Weapons. We all really enjoy the beloved Gjallarhon that returned with Rise of Iron as well as the returning fan favorite, Ice Breaker.

Did you all enjoy the Dawning? How many times did you hit the forklift?

MS: The Dawning was great! We appreciate Bungie for continuing to update the game, adding new Exotics, and creating a unique atmosphere. Live events are key in between expansions to keep the community active. 

On the note of that Forklift, too many times. 

What is the main difference between your Facebook group and other online Destiny hubs like or Reddit?

MS: We feel that us being a Facebook group makes it both more accessible and a personal experience. We’ve become friends with many of our members, and even met a few local ones in real life. Members also have easy access to notifications when someone replies to their post, likes their photo, replies to their comment, etc.

A huge part of Destiny is the friendships that form in groups like yours. What do players need to do to join up in your group?

MS: Anyone can easily find the group by searching for the name on Facebook, Destiny PS4 Community. We are a very heavy PS4-based group, but we do welcome in ANY console players. Just search for “Destiny PS4 Community” or easier yet, click this handy link!

We are almost out of time. Is there anything else you would like to add?

MS: Toni and I would like to give a huge thanks to the Admin team (15 Admins in Total). Maintaining a group approaching 40,000 members is no easy task. Their hard work in helping community members, monitoring posts, and maintaining a friendly/safe environment has been incredible! Also, a huge thanks to Bungie. Your game has created something special. A game that fosters a community unlike any we have ever seen before. A game that brings people together to have fun, seek new adventures, and make personal connections. We cannot wait to see what Bungie has in store of us in 2017!

We are also excited about another year of Destiny. Big thanks to Mesa Sean and Toni taking the time to tell us about their Facebook group. If you are looking for another place to find other Destiny players, go give them a visit

We will have many more Community Focus articles for you this year. If you have some ideas on who you would like to see, let us know in the #Community forum.

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