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Community Focus - Ravens of the Realm

Every week, we celebrate award-caliber community filmmaking here on We noticed that a Clan in our community has produced several Movie of the Week winning submissions. We wanted to learn more about this talented group of singers and songwriters who have created some hilarious Destiny parody videos. They’re not just made up of musicians. This Clan has been fighting the Darkness together for the last 2 years.

Let’s meet Ravens of the Realm.

Thank you for joining us. Please tell everyone a little about what you do in the Destiny Community. 

PB: Firstly, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I helped found RoR (RavensoftheRealm) with my great friends, Reverendmurder and Inaky33. My name is Pr1vateblack and I am the proud leader! We are PS4 community with a focus on Destiny. We Raid, we play PvP, and we make parodies. We have fun. We’re a family.

A good Clan can feel as close as family. Where does Ravens of the Realm call home on the Internet?

PB: You can find us just about anywhere. Our YouTube channel is Ravens of the Realm. Our Facebook page is Ravens of the Realm. Our Twitter account is @Ravens_of_Realm. Our Instagram is @Ravens_of_the_realm. Plus we have our very own website, which we call home. I would like to personally thank our social media guru SolarSnowflakes1.

That is quite a bit of online real estate. You’re Clan is well known for making great Destiny parody songs. Can you tell us what goes into creating one?

PB: I wish I could tell you what goes into creating one but, alas, I only like to be in them! The great masterminds behind the RoR parodies are Mikepatkil and Cracka_bear. They are both proud members of RoR and friends of mine. I will say this, the effort they put into these parodies shows. Thank you both. You guys rock!

It’s been easy to bestow upon you our highest Community Creations honor. Twice. What is your Clans favorite thing to do in Destiny at the moment?

PB: Every month or so, I host an in-house Rumble tournament for RoR, which is sometimes streamed on our Twitch channel. I enjoy putting these little scraps together for our group because I believe they have fun and the folks watching it do as well.

Sounds like a fun event. How long have the Ravens been together?

PB: I believe we've been a group since October of 2014. That makes us a little over two years old. I did not do this alone. Thank you to all of the past, present, and future members of RoR. Let's keep it up.

That is quite a proud history for a Clan. How else do you pass the time together?

PB: Every other Sunday, we like to stream what we call town hall meetings in Destiny at a desired location with a few other members of RoR. We then upload these to our YouTube channel. We also have them in a podcast you can check out here

Anything else you would like to add?

PB: To all my fellow Guardians out there, keep pushing back the Darkness.

There are a lot of channels you can visit to learn more about the Ravens of the Realm. I would recommend starting with YouTube.

There is never a shortage of amazing members of this community to write about. Do you know someone who is worthy of the spotlight? Let us know on the Community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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