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Community Focus – GernaderJake

There have been some Guardians of note featured in Community Focuses of the past. Luminosity, TripleWRECK, and many more Crucible warriors have all appeared here to share their story. Many of them have also dropped some helpful tips about how to improve your game against other Guardians. Today, we are adding another name to the growing list of the top tier competitors to pay a visit to our blog. 

Please meet GernaderJake.

How goes it, Mr. Jake? Tell us about yourself. 
GJ: Hello there, stranger. My name is Jake, I am 24 years old, and I live with my beautiful fiancée Kelsey. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. Not only am I engaged to a wonderful woman, but she is still willing to live with me while I play video games and make loud noises in our little cozy apartment. You see, I love video games, and more specifically, I love first person shooters. I have been crafting my skill in these games ever since Halo 2, and now I get to broadcast myself doing what I love as a job. Life is pretty good, and I am pretty lucky. 
We should all be thankful our significant others put up with our gaming addictions. Where can we find you on the Internets?
GJ: The best place to find me is on Twitch. I spend about 50 hours a week on Twitch, mostly helping my viewers to the Lighthouse. I am doing a 36-hour stream this weekend (Dec 3 – Dec 4). Come stop by and make sure I’m still breathing!
I also upload one video every three days to YouTube, mostly of myself attempting to win a Trials of Osiris match 1v3.
Lastly, I post random stuff about Destiny, my life, and food on Twitter.
Make sure you take frequent bathroom breaks. You obviously play a lot. What is your favorite subclass and weapons? 
GJ: I’m a lover of the Nightstalker. As a Nightstalker, there are so many tricks up my sleeve to help me win a battle against an opponent, especially while utilizing the Exotic helmet Graviton Forfeit. If in danger, I can throw a smoke or a grenade, I can Shadestep to safety, or even use Keen Scout to tell me if the enemy is still hiding or about to make their attack. To go along with the Nightstalker’s tricks, I love my Palindrome. The weapon is so consistent and hits like a truck, and when combined with Icarus, the perk that allows you to be accurate while in midair, my Nightstalker can’t be stopped.
I’m very jealous of your Palindrome with Icarus. What can new viewers expect to see on your stream?
GJ: They should expect to see high-quality PvP gameplay in a fun, relaxed, and stress-free environment. As a streamer, I consider it my job to entertain my viewers by providing the best gameplay possible while joking around and making a fool of myself. Although I am constantly helping my viewers to the Lighthouse, my primary objective is not to win every game. My goal is to have as much fun as possible while I interact with my community and hopefully in the process help a lot of people go flawless. The Jungle Squad (my Twitch community) is full of friendly, helpful, and overall awesome people. Even if the new viewer hates me, I’m sure they will love the Jungle Squad.
Who would you choose as your teammates for your Destiny Dream Team?
GJ: Are we talking best possible team? Or most fun team? If we are talking best possible, I’d like to play with Luminosity and AEGabriel. That way, they can both go shotgun everyone while I sit back, kick my feet up, and enjoy. If, for some reason, they failed to clean out the enemy team, I’d be there waiting with my sniper. If we are going with the most fun team, I’d definitely clone Morgan Freeman so I could have two of him narrate their every move to me in that gloriously smooth voice.
My money is on the Morgan Freeman team beating the Luminosity team, by charm alone. Do you have a favorite memory of playing Destiny? 
GJ: I was a huge collector back in the first year of Destiny. Like many at the very beginning, I didn’t have enough Strange Coins to take advantage of Xûr’s early sale of the Suros Regime. As a result, I found myself with every Exotic Weapon besides that darn beast of an Auto Rifle. After the hard mode for Crota came out, the Necrochasm was added to the game, leaving me with two missing Exotic Weapons. Exactly one week after the Hard Mode for Crota was released, my Raid group and I jumped into the hard Raid for the second time. After slaying Crota, I received the Crux, meaning I could upgrade my Eidolon Ally to the Necrochasm and, once more, just needed the Suros. Then, BOOM. We return to Orbit and a Suros Regime pops into my inventory as well. It was a miracle. I FREAKED OUT!

It’s a great feeling finding goodies in your Post master. We’ve seen you play, and you’ve got skills. Do you have any pro tips on how to be a better player in the Crucible?

GJ: My two tips have always been this:
  • Watch someone who you consider to be better than you. You can learn a tremendous amount by studying someone else’s gameplay. 
  • Practice! Just like practically anything else, practicing PvP will help you become better. Do your best to avoid taking stats too seriously. Just go into the Crucible, practice the skills you’ve noted from watching other players, and see what happens!

Good tips, you can learn a lot by watching talented players. Is there anything else you would like to share?
GJ: I’ve been playing Destiny since Day 1 and have been streaming it for almost two years now. Destiny is the only game I stream, and I’m beyond excited to see what lies ahead. I love this game, I love this community, and I’m absolutely honored to be considered for this Community Focus. I look forward to meeting more Guardians who come through the stream, and I hope to meet many of you at Guardian Con this coming summer. 

We’re glad you’ve enjoyed playing Destiny. We are definitely not done yet.

Make sure you give GernaderJake’s channel a visit. Even if he is not live at the time, there is a long list of previous broadcasts you can check out. Maybe you will pick up a new move to try out in the next Iron Banner.

We’re already on the hunt for the next Community Focus. If you have any ideas, please let us know in the #Community forum.

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