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Community Focus - Dubstache

There are so many amazing players in this community, it could take forever to interview them all. Among this long list of interesting individuals are some entertaining streamers who love playing Destiny and sharing their adventures with anyone willing to tune in. One of those streamers has spent some time with us at several conventions recently. PAX. TwitchCon. He’s become a familiar face. We decided to sit him down to tell his story.

Please join us in welcoming Dubstache to the stage.

Who are you and how did you get in here?

Dub: I'm Dubstache! I knocked first, but I was told I was welcome to come on in! Pardon my Dust!

Of course you’re always welcome here. We hear you’re a streamer? Where do you call home on the Internet?

Dub: You can find me live regularly at I'm also always on my Twitter feed discussing Destiny and Star Wars!

You have excellent taste. Let’s find out how good your judgment is. What is your favorite Subclass and weapon?

Dub: My favorite Subclass in Destiny is the Bladedancer. It's really practical for me in Supremacy because of the close combat nature of the Super itself. Also the fact that Quick Draw is embedded in the skill-tree, as well as Fleet-Footed, make it a versatile Class no matter what setup I choose to run in the Crucible. My favorite weapon of all-time is by far the No Land Beyond. Everyone knows you're using it and there's something satisfying about being decent with the weapon.

Those are both correct answers.* Good job. What is the atmosphere like in your stream. What kind of content can be expected when we visit you on Twitch?

Dub: The atmosphere in the stream is a welcoming one. As a streamer, one of my personal goals is that you feel better no matter how you consume the content. I aspire to be home to a place where we can get together, play through content, and just learn from each other. The regular content I stream on Twitch lately has been the Raid and competitive gameplay (Scrims). I Raid because I genuinely enjoy it. It brings out emotions in very distinct ways that I find very satisfying. From the wonder and excitement at opening The Cube in the Server Room, to the desperation when Aksis teleports to the middle at the very end. It's exciting to play, and I feel it's exciting to watch. A more recent endeavor with the release of Custom Games is the prospect of playing competitively. I have a lot of friends that have played Destiny competitively a long time and I really look up to them and want to play at their level. You only get better by losing and learning, so that's the stage I'm at currently.

Sounds like you have a chill place to hang out. What made you choose to stream Destiny?

Dub: I chose to stream Destiny simply because I love playing it, and I wanted to share and find people that enjoy playing it as well. As I grow as a streamer, I'm constantly reminded of the support everyone gives each other in this community and how much we’re all invested in one another. When I wake up and start up my stream, it's my opportunity to help someone out. From the viewer who just needs somewhere to be or someone to listen, to the streamer who is looking to grow their own community, to the devs themselves looking for input from the community, I try my best to help everyone out in any way I can. 

We appreciate your input. What is your favorite memory while playing Destiny?

Dub: My favorite memory playing Destiny was the first time my Gjallarhorn dropped on Xbox. I got it after my first Nightfall on PlayStation, but it took me nearly 800 hours of game time before it finally dropped for me on Xbox. The VoG Exotic Chest will forever go down as my favorite chest to pull from in the game. 

All of us OG Guardians have fond memories of Gjally and VoG. What is your favorite thing about Rise of Iron so far?

Dub: Iron Banner. It was very enjoyable with the new adjustments to the drop rates and the Weapons/Armor. I usually do NLB challenges, but it wasn't practical and I just wanted to experiment with the Crucible adjustments this time around. I actually enjoy Supremacy a lot. Personally, Efrideet from a lore standpoint was the most exciting prospect going into the launch of Rise of Iron. Having all the Grimoire and shedding more light on the Iron Lords was really cool to experience.

If you are looking for another great place for some fresh Destiny action, give Dubstache’s channel a try. He is usually online in the evenings. 

Do you know of someone or something in the Community that we should share out? Post your suggestion on our Community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

*[Editor’s Note: There is no correct answer to a question about one’s favorite subclass. This blog article exhibits a clear cut demonstration of editorial abuse on the part of our resident Hunter. We apologize to all Warlocks who were offended by this narrative. Titans, you can take it. You have all that armor.]

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