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This Week At Bungie - 09/08/2016

This week at Bungie we pre-loaded Rise of Iron.

Destiny was down for maintenance today, to prepare for your arrival at the top of Felwinter Peak. The login screen for Destiny should be a little more regal now. Enjoy the tunes!

And yes, we’ll have an Official Soundtrack for Rise of Iron in the Bungie Store. Stay tuned for an announcement about your opportunity to acquire the anthems of the Iron Lords soon. 

By order of the Vanguard, the Plaguelands are still closed to exploration. Your new call to arms will wait until September 20th. Lord Saladin will begin the charge into the new zone. Until then, we have plenty to talk about.

Shots Fired by the Gunsmith 

Sandbox Designer Greg Peng has served up some developer commentary about how Rise of Iron will evolve the Destiny Sandbox. The arsenal is receiving some modifications on the eve of receiving a bunch of new weapons. Click to read.

With the successful deployment of Update 2.4.0, these changes are live now. For less than two weeks, we’ll wait to see how our evolution as Iron Lords will further change up the ways in which we fight. As always, our Design Team will be watching and listening.

About That Update

When Rise of Iron officially launches at 2AM Pacific Time on September 20th, you’ll have most of what you need waiting on your console. That’s what was contained in the update we made available for download today. We know you’ll be eager to jump in and play. With change comes notes. Click to read.

Expansions are not just about new tales to tell. The game evolves. Of course, the best way to appreciate the true nature of change is to play.

Your Trophy Case

A new expansion is a chance to strive for new forms of greatness. Rise of Iron has new Trophies and Achievements for you to earn. Check ‘em out!

Mountain Climber: Complete the "King of the Mountain" mission.
The Young Wolf: Complete the "Rise of Iron" quest.
Student of History: Activate all Iron Lord Artifacts.

Sing the Iron Song: Classified.
Supremacy: Complete the "Glory and the Taking of It" quest.
Eye for an Eye: Complete the "Kovik's Sin" quest.

Forging Ahead: Complete an encounter in the Archon's Forge.
Spliced: Complete the "Wrath of the Machine" Raid.
Splicer God: Complete the "Wrath of the Machine" Raid on heroic difficulty.

Add them to your collection. Polish them up and watch them shine. This is a reflection of your legend. Become the envy of the community – if you be brave.

Listening Station

When Bungie developers pour their morning coffee, they are monitored from a mezzanine landing over the kitchen that we call Felwinter Peak. It’s the new home of Destiny Player Support. When you’re downloading new content, they monitor you (and the forums) to make sure the evolution is not painful.

This is their report.


Destiny Update 2.4.0 is now available to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The following is a list of known issues that we are actively tracking:
  • Clan Rosters are currently offline. Players will see the new “Clan” column on the Roster page, but no clan members will appear. Additionally, Clan tags will not be available while this feature is offline. Announcement of availability will be made through @BungieHelp at a later date. 
  • Players are currently unable to retrieve the MIDA Multitool, Patience and Time, or Dragon’s Breath Exotic Weapons from the Exotic Weapon Collection.
  • The “Quest Tracking” feature is not currently functioning for Crucible Quests, or any Quest Steps that involve activities on Earth or Mars. 
  • When players attempt to inspect Faction Reputation Packages from either Eris Morn or Petra Venj, there will be no items displayed within the preview screen. Players will continue to receive rewards from these packages once collected.
  • The “Iron Shell” Ghost Shell is currently appearing with the wrong color scheme. While the Ghost Shell appears Green on the item Icon, it appears as the default Ghost color in-game and in preview screens.

Additionally, Destiny Update 2.4.0 contains a potential fix for an issue where players were unable to join Fireteams with other players on Local Networks. If you continue to experience this issue, or encounter any other issues after accepting the update, please let us know by posting a thread in the #Help forum or visiting our pinned 2.4.0 Known Issues Thread.

Respect Your Elders

Your Community Manager will now make legends out of mortal gamers.

Cozmo: They won again. 12 weeks and counting.

High Score – 70,115

Second Place – 63,765

Third Place – 62,325
XENO Demon69

Next week will be your final chance to dethrone the Elder Champions. After Rise of Iron launches on September 20th we will be closing down the Elder Champions section. You will still be able to play Challenge of Elders, we will just no longer be posting the high scores.

This week, your modifiers are Exposure, Specialist, and Super Kill Bonus. Go get ‘em.

Welcome to the Screening Room

Cozmo, again: We continue to receive a mountain of movies every days on the Creations page. We sort through it and pick out a few to reward with highly sought after Emblems. All Movie of the Week winners and Honorable Mentions receive the emblem. If you had a few people help with you video, put there player name in the description and we will send them one too.

Now for the movies you have been waiting for.

Movie of the Week: 25 We Ran Out of Medals

Honorable Mention: 1K Destiny Montage

Honorable Mention: Totally Meant to Do That

It’s starting to feel real. Twelve days. That’s two weekends.

There’s still fun to be had. Follow the conversation and you won’t miss out on a single pre-launch ritual. Special guests to our studio will be talking about their experiences in the game next week. There’s an epic showdown planned for the MLG stage.

Now get out there and see how the new Sandbox feels. If your favorite weapon isn’t what is used to be, it could be time for a new favorite, primed to arrive in your inventory real soon.

DeeJ, out.
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