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Rise of Private Matches - and Clans!

As announced on our gamescom Livestream, the launch of Rise of Iron will herald the arrival of Private Matches to Destiny. When Lord Saladin issues his call to infiltrate the Plaguelands, Lord Shaxx will throw you the keys to the Crucible. From there, the arena will be what you make of it!

You'll be in control - even if you choose not to play Control.

Choose your game mode.

Choose your map.

There are many options that will lead to many possibilities. You have questions? Destiny Player Support has the details for how the Crucible is about to change, and how you'll have a hand in changing it.

Click to read more about:

Read all about the menu you'll use to structure your own personal arena. You can create everything from a competitive showdown to a controlled sound-stage for your own stories. The game you host can be casual or competitive.

Every Private Match will take place in a personal clubhouse that bears the name of the Clan that controls it. You won't need to be in a Clan to host your own match. As any Clan Overlord can attest, an active roster makes it easier to fill a lobby.

Thinking of arranging a tournament to find out who is the best Guardian in your Clan? We now have the tools to support the competitive community. To set some expectations for how Guardians can fight for honor and riches, we're kicking things off with some basic guidelines.

This is a new frontier for community interaction. We can't wait to see what you do with it. As always, we'll be watching. We'll also be right there with you, inviting you to spar with our own teams.

Game on, Guardians!
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