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This Week At Bungie - 07/21/2016

This week at Bungie we scouted the boundaries of the Plaguelands.

Clad in new armor and armed with new weapons, we retraced some of our first steps in the world of Destiny. While eerily familiar, those steps felt strange and new. The places we’ve fought to reclaim from our enemies have changed. The frontier is still wild. Evidence of a new threat has spilled over the borders where it thrives to shoot us in the face, so we shot back.

And, we got to take a spin in a sweet new Sparrow.

Forgive me, Clown Shoes.

Here’s the Iron Gjallarwing reveal in all its HD glory.

If you want an Iron Gjallarwing of your own, earmark Rise of Iron for yourself before we launch it. There are some retailers who can hook you up. Ask them if they participate in the offer. Your console store will work, too – and yes, my Xbox friends, you’ll have plenty of time to pre-order before this iron steed speeds off into the domain of legend and myth.

If you have already taken steps to secure your Iron Gjallarhorn, this baby is already waiting for you on the other side of September 20th. We have sweetened the deal!

We have less than two months before the borders of the Plaguelands open to you. Before that incursion begins, there is much more to say about your next adventure. Next stop: gamescom! Our next Rise of Iron stream will come to you live from Germany. We’ll crack open the new Crucible and show you what’s inside.

Once our show is over, we’ll hand our mobile streaming array over to the international community. They’ll show you what else we’re packing into our strange cargo. The conversation about Destiny is always better when it includes many points of view and many different languages.

Here are some of the players you’ll see on set:
The Peasant Guard
PlayStation Access 
Inside PlayStation
Gamereactor TV
…and more.

Bis denne!

25 Years Later

On the seventh day of the seventh month, we celebrated the player. That’s how Bungie Day manifests outside the studio. Your achievements are immortalized. We highlight the amazing things you do. You’re invited to score some gear for yourself, and thus join our mission to make the world a better a place.

Once that party is over, Bungie Day serves a crucial purpose inside our studio. We come together as a team to unify around a vision for the future. We look forward, together, at the next things we’ll create for you to experience. If the Pentathlon is a chance to us to connect to each other as gamers, our version of Bungie Day is a chance for us to connect to each other as creators.

It’s a moment in our creative process that’s important enough for us to leave our studio and put on a proper show. We would have loved to have invited you, but that would have spoiled a world of surprises that wait for you down the path you’re exploring. We were thinking about you the whole time.

Leaders of special teams take the stage to deliver a glimpse at the future of their discipline. Each of us brings something special to the game, and Bungie Day is a chance to stand together.

Parsons wielded some legendary steel to knight our Newbies. Fresh blood is crucial for any community, including ours. Oaths are taken.

For Jason Jones, on the advent of his 25th Anniversary, we needed a new spectacle. Don’t worry. He survived the ritual.

All week long, we’re plotting and scheming about the things you’ll experience on a long enough timeline. During every presentation, I sit and think “I can’t wait to show this to the community.” I’m auditioning presenters for future streams, friends. Today, I’m opening a slightly translucent window into our world. Over time, that window will become more transparent – and less pixelated. I can’t wait for that.

The future is bright and hopeful, as it always is in Destiny.

Blazing Trails. Writing Laws.

Previously on the Bungie Store, we’ve revealed fantastic figures by 3A for Titans and Warlocks. Today, we answer the question: “Where’s the love for Hunters?”

Hunters stalk the wilderness beyond the City, but they’ll also look dashing on a shelf in your game room.

This is What’s Up

The Destiny Operations Center is where we monitor all the things that impact your adventure. When you encounter a roadblock, it is Destiny Player Support that helps to clear it. Companion App Update
On Wednesday, July 20th 2016, fixes were deployed to resolve issues where players could not view the Legend page of their Characters. Players should once again be able to inspect Stats, Progression, Inventory, and Activities pages of their Characters under the Legend page. We thank you for your patience.

Additionally, we have released a Companion Update. One change to highlight is that the “Bugs” subcategory of #Feedback has been removed. When reporting an issue impacting your in-game Destiny experience, please create a thread in the #Help forum under the subcategory #Game Issues. This will increase visibility to the Destiny Player Support team, making it easier for reports to be properly investigated.

Destiny Update 2.3.1 - Coming Soon™
In preparation for Destiny Update 2.3.1, Destiny servers were taken offline on July 21st, 2016 for maintenance. In the coming weeks, players will be prompted to accept Destiny Update 2.3.1 onto their consoles. For general questions concerning the download of Destiny updates, please see this Help Article. Here are a few notes that we would like to highlight in preparation:
  • Please ensure that you have the proper amount of console storage space available to accept Update 2.3.1.
  • Interrupting downloads may force all previous content to be re-downloaded on some consoles.
  • Some consoles will attempt to verify all previously downloaded content before downloading Update 2.3.1. If any issues are found, or the verification process is interrupted, all previous content will be deleted and downloaded once more. 
  • Vendor inspection on and the Destiny Companion Application will be temporarily unavailable throughout maintenance windows. Stay tuned to #Help and @BungieHelp for availability.
  • Patch notes will be available on the Game Updates page of when Update 2.3.1 is available.

If you experience any issues downloading Update 2.3.1, or encounter an issue while playing Destiny after accepting the update, please let us know in the #Help forum. Destiny Player Support and Community Mentors will be on standby to assist.

Pack Leaders

Time to pass the mic to the man who knows the score and calls the shot.

Cozmo: SdBattlefront, RedSox007, and BlazeBoss17 are at the top spot again. They are very familiar with this spot - they have been there for 5 weeks in a row. Will anyone be able to dethrone these champions?

High Score – 80,075

Second Place – 77,780

Third Place – 72,660

This week your bonus is Melee kills. Get out there and punch some aliens in their big dumb faces. Keep an eye on your shields though. Exposure is active and they will not be replenishing.

Cozmo: Hi everybody! It is movie time again. The Creations page has been full of awesome T-shirt designs the last few weeks, but that’s not all you will find there.  Movies continue to pour in. We have picked some of our favorites from the latest batch and will be sending out emblems to the winners (and honorable mentions.)  

Movie of the Week: Swift River

Honorable Mention: Titans Gon' Give It To Ya (Warning: Language!)

Honorable Mention: Use the Force

We’re well met, Guardians. You have reached the end of this weekly ritual.

If you’re anxious to fight in the ranks of Lord Saladin, you can visit him in the Tower right now. Iron Banner is occurring. He’s watching. Need a Fireteam? The developers behind the Destiny Companion have new Recruitment tools for you to wield.

Thanks to those of you who tuned in to the stream this week. We’ll do it again soon on the other side of the ocean.

Final Note: Today is the last day to submit your art for consideration in the Destiny T-shirt Design Contest. Tomorrow, new art submitted to the Creations page will be for the enjoyment of the community, as usual. We’ll reveal the winners in the weeks to come. Judging this will be impossible! Great work, everyone.

DeeJ, out.

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