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Community Focus – Project Tiger

It’s fun to enjoy a nostalgic take on modern ideas. We recently saw a game designer who had created a 2D retro platformer based on Destiny. It’s a short reimagining of the Devils' Lair Strike, and a lot of fun to play. We focused our spotlight on Helix3333 to learn more about Project Tiger.

Let’s start from the beginning. Tell us a bit about yourself and this “Project Tiger” app you created.
Helix: I’m from Melbourne Australia, and I am an aspiring game designer. Project Tiger is a 2D action platformer based in the Destiny universe. It’s a homage to Destiny and platforming action games that I used to play a lot when I was younger.
It’s a lot of fun! What inspired you to create it?
Helix: A few months ago I came across a post on /r/Destinythegame, where someone had created a piece of concept art for a similar type of game, where it had a Titan and a Hunter fighting Sepiks Prime. That’s where the idea stemmed from, and when I looked at it I could see it in motion, that’s when I decided that I'm wanted to make this.
I remember that art, it was really well done. Did anyone else help you out with turning that concept into a working game? 
Helix: The music in the game is credited to Christopher Niskala. He has a Patreon page and YouTube channel that I highly recommend everyone checking out if you are a fan of the music used in this game. Apart from that, I used my own spare time when I wasn’t logged into Destiny to program everything from the terrible accuracy of the Monte Carlo to the annoying splash damage of Sepiks Prime. The art and small amount of animation is also my own.

In Project Tiger you are a Titan running around punching stuff. Is that your favorite Class? 
Helix: Titans are definitely my favorite Class to play in Destiny. I find Defenders the most interesting, with their ability to change the layout of a battle spaces with their Ward of Dawn, but I also love the sheer terror that the district sound of a Hammer of Sol clanging creates.
You planning on adding to Project Tiger in the future? Maybe allowing us to choose our favorite Class?
Helix: I had a lot of responses about adding more to Project Tiger, but as much fun as it was to work on, I feel like it served its purpose. I'm happy with that. I am hoping to make more Destiny related playable things, probably more 3 dimensionally disposed.
We look forward to seeing what else you create. What are your favorite activities in Destiny? You have any great memories while playing?
Helix: Like a lot of people, I'm a huge fan of the Raids in Destiny.  The thing I like the most about Raiding is how it reminds me of a dance. There are the steps you need to learn, but once you have them down pat, you can start to improvise. If it doesn't go to plan, there's opportunity for amazing things to happen. You can see players act almost instinctively and clutch a situation that seemed impossible, which in turn, can lead to some of the most intense and nail biting moments in Destiny. Oryx’s Dreadnaught is literally a dance floor, regardless of which emote Guardians choose to display after Oryx is defeated.
What would you like to see added or changed about Destiny in the future?
Helix: I'm not a designer at Bungie, at least not yet. I think you would agree that Bungie has one of the best developer-community relationships in the industry, which is why I think Bungie understands a lot about what the players want, but at the same time know what players don't know they want. I absolutely would love to see heralding events, like if snow started to fall at the Tower in the weeks before the release of Rise of Iron. That would be a great way to make the world of Destiny seem more dynamic and lively, and help to create a better flow between events and expansions.

We agree that we have a great relationship with the community, and creators like Helix3333 make that a real pleasure. Do you want to see what Destiny may have looked like if released in the late eighties? Go download Project Tiger and punch some Shanks. 

We are always on the hunt for new players to feature. If you know of any, post your suggestion on our Community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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