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Resuming Crucible Special Events

Yesterday, we deployed Hot Fix to confront some nasty issues that were interrupting the healthy competition that rages in the Crucible. Read all about it if you missed the news. Today, we’re inviting all Guardians to submit themselves again to some endgame combat.

Trials of Osiris will resume today at its usual time of 10AM Pacific. Brother Vance will be waiting for you in the Reef. The map will be Black Shield. Form up a Fireteam and resume your quest for the Lighthouse.

Tell us all about your experience – especially if you were one of the players who had trouble with matchmaking after the June Update.

If reports from the community are favorable, we may be rescheduling the Iron Banner for next week. In keeping with the original announcement, here is what Lord Saladin will have in store for you.

Tentative, pending reports from the field...
Begins: Tuesday, June 28th, 10AM Pacific
Ends: Tuesday, July 5th, 2AM Pacific

The game type is Clash!

These rewards won’t make you an Iron Lord (that’s what Christopher Barrett told me at E3) but they will help you demonstrate your excitement to become one later on this Fall. Check out the loot that will drop for the brave.

Titan Armor

Warlock Armor

Hunter Armor

PlayStation Armor

Scout Rifles

Machine Guns

This will be a straight-up shooting match. Be brave and aim true. Lord Saladin will be watching, and you know he has big plans for the Guardians. Soon.

As stated, the fate of Iron Banner depends on the performance of Trials of Osiris. Get out there and fight! Science isn’t the only thing that hangs in the balance. There is also endgame loot to be won by those of you who can excel in combat against the most dangerous combatant in the world of Destiny – each other!

Game on. 
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