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April Update Preview - Sandbox & Crucible Updates

The April Update will include a fresh batch of design tweaks that will impact the way we all play Destiny. In the last live preview before the download is prepped for deployment, we'll share some details about the newest steps we're taking in the interest of balance. Join us on Twitch to see how these changes just might affect you.

April Update Preview - Sandbox & Crucible Changes
Wednesday, April 6th, 11AM Pacific

Design Lead Lars Bakken will deliver a tactical brief on the new state of the Crucible. Designer Grant Mackay will share his plans for the Warlocks among us, with information on changes both large and small. And, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski will take us back to the gunsmith's workbench to share some insights on how the arsenal is about to evolve again.

We might even find some ways to prove some new design theories in magical, delicious combat.

Tune in and learn how April will change the game.
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