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Unite the Clans – xAllegiancex

Clans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very small, made up of a few friends who like to get together on Thursday nights for some Destiny rather than bowling. Others are organized communities that have a large membership to ensure you always have someone to play with. And there are always groups that fall somewhere in between. Today we have found a large group whose membership reaches across the globe. They are very well organized and eager to share some details about their Clan. 

Clan Name: xAllegiancex

Clan Tag: xAx

Clan Motto: Loyalty is everything.

Mission Statement: xAllegiancex is committed to the very people it’s made of because without them we would be nothing. We strive to help each and every one of our Clanmates to better themselves.  We always hunger to make ourselves the best we can possibly be as players and gaming community members.

Friendliness, helpfulness, respect, and loyalty are the key pillars of what makes us a solid group. This will never change, for we are as loyal to our virtues as we are to each other.

Overall Clan Mood: We thrive on the need to help anyone who asks for it, from learning aspects of a Raid to practicing in Crucible and Trials. There's no limit to our patience, no boundary to the amount of fun we have - we're here to stay. If you’re looking to build lifelong social relationships with other Guardians, this community is the right one for you.

Recruitment Status: We’re always recruiting and looking for PS4 Guardians that are all alone in their quest to complete everything and anything they can within Destiny. We have people from every continent, except Antarctica, and from nearly every time zone. There’s always someone on to play with, there is always a Fireteam ready and waiting. The more the merrier!

Ideal Candidate: We seek people who are respectful, mature, helpful in nature, and an active community member to grow with us. If they have an xAx tag you treat them like they're your own, regardless of if they’ve been with the community for 8 months or 8 days.

Closing Statement: We boast 80+ Events per week on our calendar, an Official Podcast that has prominent Destiny guest hosts each week on our xAllegiancexTV Twitch feed. Our administrators and a leadership team always have a helping mentality, and we have a thriving website. Our goal is to be one of the best Destiny communities in the world, and we will not stop until we get there. We have a passionate membership group that loves and adores our community, and we have the infrastructure to last forever.

I want to also give a huge shoutout to our leadership team; Isakole (xAx’s Director of Marketing), VZ-FaDe2BraD-TT (xAx Ambassador of the Asia Pacific Region), General_ZOD_O10 (xAx North American Ambassador West), ChunkyBabyGravy ( xAx North American Ambassador Central & North) and of course all of our wonderful xAx Administrators (there are 40 of them  - I couldn’t name them all!). If it weren’t for these guys, the community wouldn’t be what it is today!
StevieBizzle - Founder of xAllegiancex

Give xAllegiancex a look if you are wanting to be part of something big. If they don’t feel like the right Clan for you, we will have another group for you to consider next week. We’re always searching for new Clans to feature. If you would like to see your Clan in the spotlight, make a post in the #Clans recruitment forum looking for new members. Your Clan could be next. 

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