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Community Focus - Destiny Ghost Stories

We’ve featured many Destiny podcasts here on our blog. Some report on all relevant Destiny news. Others explore more specific topics like Guardian vs Guardian combat in the Crucible. Destiny Ghost Stories is another specialty podcast that dives deep into the lore of the Destiny universe. They act as Grimoire historians, helping listeners discover all of the subtle connections between characters and events in Destiny. There are a lot of them to meet, so let’s get to it. 

Who are you and what is your favorite class to play as? 

DGS: We are Ghost Stories: A Destiny Podcast. As a whole, we love all the classes because they each offer unique gameplay as well as unique lore. Individually though, we know Hunters are the master class.

Beta: Exo Titan forever! I love playing Defender, even when the Darkness whispers, ‘This bubble, is all there is for you.’ You’ll probably hear my girls on the cast occasionally. They like to scream but they’re much sweeter than those lousy Hive. @BetaChieftain on Twitter and Xbox One

Dragon: Father of two - husband of one. Even though I chose Titan first, at the request of my brother who wanted one of each class in our Fireteam (selfish Hunter), I am, and always have been, a Sunsinger at heart. I hear the music that makes the Light sing. @chadwilhoite85 on Twitter and Hands0meDrag0n on Twitch and Xbox One

Drop: Well, I’m the only non-Dad of the Ghost Stories team, go me! Although I play all three classes (I lead a small clan, need to have options), my heart belongs to Nightstalker Hunter. I love the agile frontline support playstyle, especially given that both my Clanmates are Titan powerhouses. Given the option, I always choose to play android/cyborg/mechanical characters so all three of my characters are Exos. I’m “dropslash” pretty much everywhere.

Gabble: Hey, I'm Gabble, Awoken Warlock. Earthborn, of course. Went and visited the Queen once. Didn't go well. I’ve always been a Voidwalker at heart, much to the chagrin of my Raid partners who seem to think only Sunsingers are allowed in hard mode Raids. *cough*CRUTCH*cough* You can find me on Xbox One, Twitter, and (very occasionally) on Twitch as @GabbleRatchet98

Scooby: I’m a Dad of 2 that finds the Destiny Universe to be incredibly engaging and compelling, and though subclass lust has oft caused me to stray from my first love, I will always be first and foremost an Awoken Hunter. Long Live the Queen, may her Reign Endure. @ScoobyDeezy on Twitter and Xbox

Xray: Awoken Hunter specializing in all Subclasses. I like to use the right tool for the right job, so I tend to switch Subclasses often. I will also bust out my Titan and Warlock when the situation calls for it. Oh yeah, father of 4...or 5...depends on when you read this.

Whoa, there are a lot of you. What is your podcast’s role in the Destiny Community? 

DGS: Our goal from the start has always been to provide in-depth and accurate discussions about the incredible amount of lore that exists in Destiny. There are so many stories and so much information that is just begging to be dug out of the Grimoire, the game itself, and all the supplemental materials. As the “lore experts” in our clans we would always get asked where to go to start learning more about the Destiny story. We saw an opportunity to really provide that resource for the community and decided to form a team dedicated to uncovering all of it and helping players separate fact from fiction.

Where can we find you? 

DGS: Playing Destiny! Oh, elsewhere you mean… well, the podcast lives at but is also available on iTunes. We’re @DGhostStories on Twitter and Facebook. We also have a Slack team for Destiny lore full of podcast fans and amazing community members. Anyone who’s interested in joining can drop us an email at 

What sets you apart from other Destiny podcasts? 

DGS: We do our absolute best to separate speculation from fact. One of the founding tenets of the podcast is to deliver the facts, to talk frankly about what we actually know. Destiny is still a young game and there is a lot of information we don’t have yet, so it’s always fun to speculate and theorize on some of the connections. Luckily there are so many actual ones already written into lore, it’s also fun just trying to put them all together. As a group of (mostly) dads, we try hard to make the podcast family-friendly. Also, we have XRAY_441 and he’s pretty much the best. 

Do you have a favorite topic of Destiny lore?

Drop: The story of Toland is probably my most beloved topic. He is a great character and he’s tied into so much of what has happened in the game so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing how his story plays out, especially his relationship with Osiris now that the two of them have moved so far beyond just being a Guardian. I do love Exos though, which is how I met Beta.

Gabble: ...the Vex. No other race is nearly as interesting as…

Scooby: The Ahamkara have always held a point of particular fascination for me, and the not-so-subtle hints as to their connection to the Great Worms in the Books of Sorrow are a topic that I love to engage in conversation (read: argue) about any time I get the chance.

What is your favorite memory while playing Destiny?

Beta: Getting my Gjallarhorn but having my wife sleeping next to me so I couldn’t yell. I had to just send a message to my Fireteam with a dozen exclamation points and they celebrated for me. That and killing Crota for the first time. My daughter yelled, “Yeah! Get the big guy! I’m proud of you dad.”

Dragon: I’ve played this game a lot (if you ask my wife, too much), and have so many incredible memories - if I had to choose just one though, it would have to be entering into the Vault of Glass. I’d never attempted a Raid event in any other game - and it felt extremely daunting...wait I'm gonna change it…going through Crota’s End blind the night it was released with my best friends in Destiny, my brother (Dustin), the Canadians (Trevor, Lisa, and Liz), the General (Yasser), GiJoe (Joe) and the game devs (Brian and Jeremy) and the yells of joy when we took Crota down. We were fortunate to be friends with, in his words, “the best sword bearer in the game”. Led by “General” and his 443 Crota kills, we all danced in Crota’s throne world and took great joy in doing it week after week.

Xray: I was lucky enough be part of a Cystic Fibrosis Charity Twitch Stream last summer for a fellow Guardian that lost his fight with the disease. That in and of itself was amazing, but being recognized in game by another player, receiving a message from him saying that he too suffered from CF and that the stream meant more to him than I could imagine....yeah, felt pretty amazing. It also sparked my interest in being more involved in the community.

Do you have any interesting theories on Destiny lore, or predictions of where the story will go?

Drop: The Speaker is not who or what he says he is, the Traveler is not the pious savior we’re led to believe it is. Osiris knows this, which is part of why he was exiled. I predict that as Osiris starts to play a larger and larger role in the story, we’ll be faced with huge revelations about our world and the Traveler. The story is going to become about characters who are far more powerful than just “Guardian”, our own character included. Toland, Mara Sov, Osiris, Oryx, the Traveler, the Worms… our reality will become the plaything of new gods.

Scooby: The Ahamkara are less Space Dragons and more Space Butterflies (Worm Larva >> Worm Symbiote >> Host Chrysalis >> Adult Ahamkara). I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Oryx’s Worm.

Xray: I predict Bungie will continue to woo us with amazing lore and gameplay and I will continue to be overly thankful of our amazing listeners.

What changes or additions would you like to see that would make Destiny better?

Dragon: I will probably differ from the other guys here, and actually put a PvP request here - but being a HUGE fan of Halo growing up, and that being the staple of my gaming throughout high school and college, the one thing that Destiny is missing, and absolutely NEEDS (IMO) is private matches/custom games. Beta: So you can sight-see without getting your head blown off.

Drop: Mechanics wise, I’d love to see a “Community Chest” for Clans. If I have 5000 Relic Iron and my clanmate is struggling with his reserves, I’d love to be able to just dump some in the chest that he could grab. I know things like trading are complicated in games like this because of dishonesty, but for small, close-knit, clans like mine it would be great. I also love Scoob’s idea for displaying Raid gear, or even just the ability to get a “Full _____ Set” item that contains all 4/5 pieces but only takes up one space in the Vault.

Gabble: I wish my ship was not only my Vault, but my display case. I could show it off to my fireteammates who would gather there in orbit before heading off on some ridiculous mission together. The Dark Souls nerd in me wishes there were more numbers visible. With decimal points. Oh man. Decimal points. 

Go give Destiny Ghost Stories a listen. You might be surprised by what you learn. 

If you have a player or group you’d like to see featured at a Community Focus, make a suggestion post on our Community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus. You just might find them interviewed here.

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