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Bungie Year-End Update - 2015

This week at Bungie we’re bringing 2015 to a close.

This is not a Bungie Weekly Update. You’re looking into the sunset of a year that has been host to a grand adventure.

This revolution around our sun been one hell of a ride. From the House of Wolves to The Taken King, you banded together to defeat the fiercest of bosses. From E3 to gamescom to PAX, we traveled the world again to meet the finest of people. Looking back, we can see a game that evolved in lock step with the community that grew more powerful as they played it.

It’s almost time to put a new calendar on the wall. Before that happens, we have some final packages to deliver.

Oscar Don’t Race

Pretend that our entire community is seated in a gilded theater, all wearing their finest armor.

It’s our distinct pleasure to unveil the esteemed winners in our Sparrow Racing League Film Festival. There is an array of sweet loot, some player Emblems, and a shiny new PS4 hanging in the balance. We have sifted through the Creations page for the very best selections that depict the art of speed and the spirit of competition.

Our Best Picture accolade goes to a filmmaker who saves the talking for the track.


Here are the best-in-show winners from each category…

Rubbin’s Racin’
Trade some paint. We want to see explosive moments on the track. Anyone can string a few gates together, but emerging from a crowd as the leader is the key to victory. The Destiny community is no stranger to a combat montage. Now, show us one at 160 kph.


Honorable Mention: Grifbanana

Honorable Mention: Log Chimbus

Honorable Mention: Hakumai

Barrel Roll Call
Amanda tells us that a Sparrow is just a seat and an engine. You have to drive with heart. This category is all about earning points for style. Winning is not enough. Trick out your approach to the finish line.

WINNER: Camera Lizard

Honorable Mention: Peach

Honorable Mention: Peepr

Honorable Mention: The Council of Baggery

Sweet Rides!
Which Sparrow is your favorite? Create a parody car commercial to show it off in all its glory. Winning selections will be favored for editing, narration, and just general madness. Dancing and Emotes might set the mood, too.

WINNER: My Name is Byf

Honorable Mention: Green_Panda369

Honorable Mention: Fletcher117

Honorable Mention: UnsungZero

We’ll be contacting these winners to collect your mailing addresses (and shirt sizes) so we can send out their prizes. Emblems will appear on collections kiosks for all as soon as we can identify your player accounts and push some magic buttons. This will all happen in 2016, so please sit tight!

Judging this contest was not easy. Thanks to everyone who celebrated the event with a video. The entire field of competition can be found in Creations, so go enjoy if you want to see more.

The Film Festival is over, but Sparrow Racing League will continue to brighten the sky with its fireworks until December 29th. Should you receive The Taken King as a gift in the days to come, save your fight with Oryx for later. This limited time event is a great way to join the party and earn yourself some powerful gear that will be waiting for you when you need it.

Racing is also fun, more importantly. At least we think so…

New Year’s Loot

The season of giving is upon us, so here’s something to look forward to as you catapult into the holidays.

When we all return from a long winter’s nap, we’ll still be in the giving mood. Just because you’re all awesome, we’ll be stuffing your stockings with 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light. They should arrive on January 7th, after we’ve all had a chance to settle in after our travels. We’ll sound an update in the usual places when they arrive.

Think of it as a gift card you can use in the Tower, where the stores are always open and there is a never a line. Buy something nice from Xûr with those Coins, but don’t spend all your Motes to upgrade one item. See the Postmaster for your packages when the time comes – you may have to clear your backlog for them to appear.

As a final gesture, if you make an appearance in the world of Destiny any time from January 7th to January 10th, we’ll throw in an exclusive yet-to-be-revealed Emblem to mark the fact that you were there. Just log onto Destiny and play whatever you like. Complete a playable activity in your Director so we can track you! We’ll pass out the Emblems to those who qualify on January 12th.

As a new year dawns, stop by to collect a token of our thanks for sharing the adventure as it continues.

With these final words, we come to the end of 2015. Let’s tuck it into bed and wish it sweet dreams. 2016 will be a new journey – with its own discoveries and revelations. Before we embark upon it, we’ll be taking some time to prepare for another campaign.

The Bungie Weekly Update will return on January 21st. We’ll be around between now and then. Perhaps we’ll cross paths/swords in Iron Banner. Look for updates to sustain your Guardian lifestyle on social media or our forum. The official news cycle will rev back up when there is news to propel it.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you this year, Guardians.

Let’s do it again soon.

Happy Holidays.

DeeJ, out.
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