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Bungie Bounty - Sparrow Racing League

It's been too long since we fired up our Twitch channel and invited you to try and beat us at our own game. This time, the hunt will be a much faster affair. For the next Bungie Bounty, we're racking the guns to let speed determine the winners.

Wednesday, December 16th
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4

Gear up in your racing suits, equip your favorite Sparrow, and join us on the starting line. If you match with a Bungie employee (or two) on our stream, you'll have a chance to earn an Emblem to prove to the world that you were faster than us on the track. For each race we run during the two hour event, we'll award this shiny trophy to everyone who places in the Top Three:

People will say: "Where'd you get that?"

You'll say: "I beat Bungie in a race."

We'll have a lineup of different Bungie people who helped to bring Sparrow Racing to life, along with some people who just want to go fast. There's no telling who you might trade paint with, so make some plans to play with us that night.

And, yes, of course we'll do this on Xbox before the end of the event.

For starters, we'll see you on the PS4, and on Twitch.

"If you ain't [in the top three], you're last."
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