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Community Focus - SchviftyFive

Great communities have great leaders - individuals who strive to lead and entertain the masses. Some stand out because of their comedy, others because of their prowess. Our next stand-out has a contagious personality and a sincere mission to include others. We sat down to ask her to share a little about herself and her “strim.”

Tell us a little about yourself and how you fit into the Destiny Community.

My name is Liz and I am known for my obscure meme Gamertag, short pink hair, and Raids with viewers. I'm very inclusive, making for a really fun, witty, and interactive chat. My GT comes from one of my favorite Youtube videos from 10+ years ago called ""Schfifty Five"" by Gröûp X. I was making my Gamertag and tried every version of "KatpissNeverclean" to no avail (Hunger Games ftw!) I'm always saying "Schfifty Five" when the number comes up in real life, so it just kind of worked.

Where can we find you on the Internet machine?

I'm at, as well as Twitter and Instagram @SchviftyFive. I like it when words match.
What first got you into streaming on Twitch?

I started streaming back in April of 2015 because my wee little clan never had enough friends online to Raid. I thought that if I could get help from viewers on Twitch I could help them in return. SPOILER ALERT: it worked! 
As my channel grows and evolves, I still make sure to Raid with new people. It's the only way to make friends! I am always sure to include inexperienced players as well. I want everyone to have a chance to learn how to play the game. I hate it when people say they go on to LFG and get kicked from the group when the other players found out they haven't raided before, or that they don't have Touch of Malice, or for some other exclusionary reason. I take the time to teach people how to Raid so they can, in turn, help others. It's a sort of "pay-it-forward" system. 
Do you have a favorite memory of streaming Destiny?

I can't tell you how many times I've been online for 14-16 hours and things just started to get weird. But I think my favorite recent memory was when I "initiated" one of my lovely mods in the King's Fall Raid. We took her to the Wall Punch hallway (look, I know what y'all call it, I'm just trying to be nice) and told her to look down the edge of the platform, and BOOM. Ded. It was glorious. Also, I noticed that there is a light that naturally leads the user exactly to that particular spot. Sneaky devs are sneaky. 
There are lot of players streaming Destiny, what sets your channel apart from others?

I'm a fiercely inclusive person in game and in chat. I don't like it when people are excluded because they "don’t have the right guns", they haven't completed something before, or they're just "too young". I just don't understand: how can you get experience if nobody will let you play? If you can listen and follow directions, you can play Destiny with me.
Are there any tips you can give to aspiring streamers out there?

Be yourself. Help others. Interact with your viewers. Interact with other streamers. Try console streaming first before spending a lot of money on capture equipment (PS4 camera has a green screen option and neither console needs a capture card to get started streaming). Get on Twitter/Instagram/Youtube (Twitter is lifeblood for streamers). Get good bots for chat! Mine are Nightbot, for notifications and general chat commands, Moobot for saying "Thanks for following!" and some games, and Revlobot for giveaways.

And lastly, you are in charge of your own stream. Don't ever let anyone bully you in any way. I see growing streamers deal with jerks because "at least they're in my channel." No. You set your own boundaries. Good people will show up if you weed out the bad ones. My first day I had a person come into my chat who was bullying my other viewer (yes there were two people in my stream, w00t!). I made a choice there and then that I wanted a positive, fun, snarky, weird, nerdy-as-hell chat, and that he/she did not fit those guidelines. Nobody should tolerate bullying or harassment, whether it's toward you or your viewers. I still stand by that to this day.
What would you like to add or change about Destiny?

Can we please talk about Raid LFG integration in-game? I started playing Destiny on Day 1 with literally ZERO friends on playstation (not figuratively, nerds), and I completed Crota fewer than 5 times by the time I started streaming in April. In vanilla Destiny, I was stuck at level 27 until I randomly added someone from strike matchmaking. He added me to his clan and helped me complete VoG for the first time. I was lucky they took me in with no experience. For those out there who don't have many friends available to play when they're online, an integrated Raid LFG (or matchmaking) would be great.

We love to highlight great community members like Schviftyfive. Stop by her stream sometime to say “Hi!.” There is no shortage of great players in our community with stories to share. Keep your internet dial tuned in on for m

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