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Community Focus - Watermelon Exo

Our next voyage in the Destiny Community takes us to a popular web comic called Watermelon Exo. You may have seen this comic showing up frequently on our Creations page. It depicts the adventures of an excitable green and pink Exo as he explores the Destiny universe.

We sat down with the creator of the comic to find out more about his story.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you fit into the Destiny community.

Laze: Hi! I'm Lazesummerstone. I've been making comic books for a while now, and I've gotten some books published here and there. Recently I decided to just work on webcomics. I'm going to lay it all out for you and come clean: I am terrible at games! I've played a few FPS games, but kind of warmed up to them really late. I've only played a handful like Deadspace and Portal and definitely never tried PvP before Destiny. No game has really hooked me the way Destiny has! When I got to that mission where you first set foot on the moon, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! That sense of a creepy abandoned space station felt so real and I was 100% sold.

Because of my inexperience with first-person-shooters, I knew I could never share my love for Destiny like those fantastic Twitch and YouTube streamers (I'm a fan of quite a few). I’m just too terrible! My K/D is too low and I get scared to talk to people out loud! But at least I knew how to draw, so it made sense that I express my love for the game in a comic! Thus, Watermelon Exo was born!

We’re glad to have you, regardless of your stats. Where can we find you on the World Wide Web?

Laze: People can read Watermelon Exo on its own website: I repost Watermelon on my Twitter, Tumblr, and the Bungie Creation page (of course)!
I also have another webcomic, Mosscreek Divide, which isn’t directly related to Destiny, but it does have alien creatures with multiple eyes!
And I’ve been doing a few live drawing sessions once in a while on Twitch!

What inspired you to start creating comics? Do you write the dialogue as well?

Laze: I've been drawing comics since I was a kid. I think I really was first inspired to draw comics when I read the weird psychedelic comics that were in my dad’s old collection of surf magazines.

And yep, I write the dialog in Watermelon Exo, but it's fairly easy since brainstorming consists of walking around the Cosmodrome and thinking about what I can make into a joke.

Does your in game character resemble the Exo from your comic?

Laze: Absolutely! And I have a Hunter, Warlock and Titan and I made them all look identical! Early on I drew a picture of him and someone said his color scheme looked like a watermelon. So that's where the name comes from! 

Do you have a favorite class to play as in Destiny?

Laze: I gotta say Hunter, but that's probably only because I put the most hours into it. A Titan's punch is pretty satisfying though, I have to admit. Forget the Hammer, I just want to punch everything!

What do you think of The Taken King so far?

Laze: It is seriously good. I really love how much more personality is starting to emerge from all the various characters you interact with, and how much they interact with EACH OTHER. Also, can I take a moment and point out that there is a fair amount of comedy in this game now? I mean, the overall storyline is a serious one about the survival of the human race against the darkness, but sprinkling in a bit of lightheartedness really helps! There were lines that had me laughing out loud. Zavala and Eris interacting was priceless!

What would you like to see added or improved with Destiny?

Laze: This might not be an issue for everybody, but I was one of those people who had a lot of difficulty forming a Fireteam for most of year one. I even tried my best to solo Crota (but couldn't – please see that part where I said I was bad at games). So I wish I could get matchmaking on Nightfalls and Raids. Maybe even with a warning saying “experience may vary – but go ahead if you're desperate!”

I'm also really hopeful for seeing more of Earth! The solar system is great but I wanna see some strikes on European Dead Zone. Maybe other places on Earth? I'm so curious to know what state the world is in! Maybe even a mission through the city that we see below the Tower? I get the feeling that we've only scratched the surface, and I'm dying to see more!

Be sure to check in on WatermelonExo for new comics and updates. Also check in here for the latest Community Focus as we continue to shine our spotlight on various community members and their creations.

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