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Companion Update - 11/11/2015

  • Fixed issue that caused Hunter cloaks to interfere with masks when viewing 3D Guardian
  • Notifications are now aggregated in order to reduce the number of notifications sent to users
  • Fixed bug with reuthentication when retrieving Xbox friends list
Gear Manager
  • Enabled Gear Manager (Beta) for all web players
  • Fixed issue where Gear Manager would show an error if user had a classified item
  • Fixed issue where filters were not clearing when search was cleared
  • Fixed issue of Light not updating on equip
  • Maximize Light will now transfer items from other characters
  • Added splitting and consolidating options when transferring a stack of items
  • Added 3D preview of items
  • Changed sorting behavior so that equipped items no longer ignore sorting
  • Sorting will now be saved between page loads
  • Fixed stats on Cathedral of Dusk card
  • Fixed stats for Year 2 version of Exotic Weapons
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