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Community Focus - Extra Life 2015

Three weeks ago, we showed you how the Destiny community was rallying together to support a good cause. They were highly successful, raising over $12,000 to support the Nation Breast Cancer Foundation. Destiny players are always hungry for more. More missions, more loot, or in this case, more philanthropy. Tomorrow, you will get another opportunity to help someone in need. I’ll let the organizers give you the details. 

First off, tell us a little about yourselves and your role in this event?

David W: I’m David W, better known as Destiny Author. I’ve been putting together Extra Life fundraisers for three years in a row now. I’m known in some circles of the community for bringing people together to complete common goals and projects. This year for the charity campaign, I’ve gathered two comrades to aid me in the fight against child illness: Mark Turcotte and Tinkkz. 

Mark: I’m Mark Turcotte, the Host of Guardian Radio, a weekly podcast dedicated to Destiny where we highlight the latest news, community happenings, and chatter around the game. In the fall of 2013, myself and the rest of my podcast crew helped David launch the first Destiny Community Extra Life campaign to a surprising success given the size of the burgeoning community at the time. Since that first year we have seen the community grow exponentially. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

Tinkkz: I’m Tinkkz, podcaster and Destiny community lover. I’ve been involved in many different community effort charity streams. I love to watch what happens when a bunch of nerdy gamers come together for causes that we may have otherwise been oblivious to. This year will be no different and I’m super excited to see what our community can do for our third year!

Oh right, we remember you from last year. Can you refresh our memories on who you will be supporting?

David W: We unconditionally wave Seattle Children’s Hospital’s banner every year. Championing that specific hospital may have been inspired by a certain Bellevue-based developer you may have heard of, but it’s mainly due to the fact that we believe it’s about making a difference where you can. Impacting one child’s life can go a lot further than that child. Through the Extra Life platform we are working with Children’s Miracle Network to funnel generated funds directly into Seattle Children’s Hospital. Those who wish to help us crush our $10,000 goal can donate directly to the campaign here, or purchase t-shirts here, where all generated profits will go to the campaign page.

This is the third year in a row you have done this event, correct? Can you give us a quick recap on how the past two have went?

Mark: This is indeed the third year that the community is coming together to do this. The size of the Destiny Community has grown so much since that first campaign. Looking back at it now, it’s amazing to think that even with the release of Destiny still being nearly a year away, the community was able to raise more than $2,000 to help the children at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. It was then that we knew that there was something truly special about this community.

Last year’s campaign came a few months after the release of Destiny and saw an even bigger outpouring of support from the community. We raised nearly $12,000 last year which was an incredible feat! The stream itself created some memorable moments that those who took part in, or watched, are sure to remember. With the community being bigger than it ever has been before, this year’s campaign has the potential to be even more special and is sure to help bring more support for those in need. 

How can people get involved this year?

Tinkkz & DW: The first step to getting involved this weekend is tuning in for the full 42 hour event starting at 8 AM CST on our Twitch channel. Guardians all over Twitter have been using our promo art and changing their banners/avatars to raise awareness. Individuals who frequent the Twittersphere can use #GuardiansGiveBack to connect with us during the event.  You can also tune in to our Twitch stream tonight at 6 PM CST. We have Abittoolethal and LadyDesiree answering any questions you may have about the event tomorrow, and talking all things Extra Life! 

So this is going down starting tomorrow. What can people expect to see when they watch the stream?

Tinkkz: VersustheStream is kicking us off at 8 AM CST Saturday morning. We have a killer line up, check out the schedule below! Our community has grown so much since previous Extra Life campaigns and we are determined to show just how much of a difference we can make. With so many streamers and community members reaching out to us, we decided to have a full 42 hours of entertainment this year.  Bring your wallets, your friends, and your friends’ wallets and hang out for Bungie/Destiny Prizes, memories, and saving lives!

There you have it. Destiny community leaders will be out in full force this weekend entertaining you with their shenanigans in hopes that you will help them support a great cause. A cause we rally behind often here at Bungie. Below, you’ll find the full schedule of the special guests you can watch and support this weekend. I’m sure you’ll see some familiar names. Please help them spread the word. If you can find the time, check in on the stream this weekend. Showing up helps, but the biggest way to make a difference is to donate.

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