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Festival of the Lost Costume Contest

Festival of the Lost is in full swing in the Tower.

A celebration like this could only be complete with a costume contest. We're calling all Guardians to unleash their imaginations in the game. Don your favorite mask. Dress it up with the right armor and shaders to create a full costume for your Guardian. Show us your tricks, and we might just send you a treat.

Festival of the Lost Costume Contest!

We'll choose our favorites from these categories. Winners will be selected on the basis of humor, creativity, or just being epic.

Best Costume Portrait
Journey into the world of the game and strike a pose against the best background - just your Guardian in the ideal setting for your costume. Bring a friend to take the shot, if you want, but all we want to see is you.

Best Group Shot
Form up a Fireteam and agree on a theme for your costumes. Family affairs? Rivalries? Vendors who love their work? Your call. Show us what you come up with.

Best Dance Party
Expert Mode: Choreograph your moves. Put on a show. This takes synchronization and a spooky sense of style.

Winners will be unveiled in the Bungie Weekly Update. Prizes will be awarded to honor achievements in each category.

First Prize: Collector's Edition Strange Coin

Second Prize: Exotic Engram Stress Ball

Third Prize: Legendary Engram Stress Ball

You don't have much time, so get out there and get into the spirit. We'll be watching.
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