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Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Stream

Our Community has a love for raising money for charity. Several times a year, various Community leaders band together to organize entertaining live streams filled with fun and prizes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so two Destiny Communities have joined together to organize a charity event.

Bungie shares the Community's love of making the world a better place. We love seeing you show up in droves to support these causes with both your attention and your donations. This week, Aim Assist Gaming is teaming up with Dames of Destiny to organize a 48-hour stream. They gave us a little insight behind why they decided put it together. 

Your event is billed as benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness. Is there a particular charity you are raising money for? 

AA: Yes, we are raising money for The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). 

Can you tell us some more about the National Breast Cancer Foundation and why you chose them? 

AA: We chose NBCF because their mission is to "provide help, and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services." We here at Aim Assist Gaming have all been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. Early detection has saved multiple lives amongst our families and specifically could have saved someone very close to N64Josh. This is the main reason breast cancer awareness is a priority for us. 

Charity Stream events usually tend to run for 24 hours. Why are you streaming for 48 hours? Are there just not enough hours in the day to fit everyone in? 

AA: Originally we had planned to do a 24 hour stream. However due to the overwhelming response from the Destiny community, we partnered with the Dames of Destiny to extend the stream to 48 hours. This will allow us to raise more money and awareness for NBCF. 
So what can people expect to see when they tune into your super show on Twitch? 

AA: When they tune in they can expect to see some of their favorite community leaders, tons of prizes, and awesome gameplay. It’s going to be the Destiny community at its best, FIGHTING against the Darkness together!

Check out the streaming schedules for Saturday and Sunday. You’ll see familiar names including ours, at 1pm PST. We’ll be doing a Bungie Bounty and giving away a special emblem for anyone who can best us in the Crucible during our time slot. Come and hunt us in the Crucible on Xbox One. But, more importantly, visit the streams this weekend and support a great cause.

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